What I Wore This Week

What I wore #ootd

What I wore #ootd


What I wore #ootd

What I wore #ootd

Outfit 1 – Dress • Asos (similar) | Hat • Thrifted (similar) | Shoes • Zara (similar) |
Purse • Urban Outfitters
Outfit 2 – Tank • H&M | Black Jeans • Zara | Shoes • Vans | Hat + Purse above
Outfit 3 – Dress • H&M (similar) | Jacket • Zara | Shoes • Converse
Outfit 4 – Pink Blouse H&M | Necklace • thrifted (similar)

Do you know what is cool? When you find out that a mall you go to regularly has a secret flea market in the basement on weekends. We discovered it this weekend and there was all kinds of great stuff. The girls found a couple of things to add to their Harry Potter collection. Then they found a 2ft tall life-like Gollum that they wanted. Where the hell would you put that? It was $300 anyway.

I’m kind of excited to get a few of the things I ordered this week (a couple of sweaters and a t-shirt). I’ll take some pictures of Instagram in a few days to show them if I like them. If not they will go back and I’ll pretend I never bought them 😉

I recently started taking some Magnesium supplements to try to improve my physical and mental health. I heard that they could help with brain fog and general fatigue which are two things that impacting my daily life. I started them last week and while yesterday I was exhausted (I think that was because of a 3am bedtime and otherwise piss poor nights sleep) today my head felt clearer. I don’t know if they are really starting to work or if it is the placebo effect and will come back next week. I am remaining optimistic though because something has to give.

Have you ever taken a magnesium supplement? And if so did it help you?

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