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This is part of the extensive gardens that surround our condo. Now that the snow has melted and spring is in the air everything is starting to reveal itself. These plants are usually vibrant green with little white clusters of flowers all over it. It is actually quite lovely, but I also find this lovely because it is the moment before it transitions. I was trying to pan out to get a larger shot but as I did you noticed something else all the melting snow reveals……all the dog shit people don’t pick up  that the snow keeps covered until spring. I panned out and immediately was “pan in…pan in!” Nobody needs to see that 😉 

First, I have a headache. The annoying, throbbing on one side of your head kind of headache and I don’t have any ibuprofen left so please bear with me if I a ramble. I have Tylenol but ibuprofen always works better for me. I have reached the point of desperation and took 3 Children’s Advil even thought it maxes out at 95 pounds. I hope it at least takes the edge off.

Next, the kids are on March Break this week so I have contemplated switching rooms with them. They have a walk in closet that has so much untapped potential aside from the mess they have in it. Please talk me out of it because it will be a huge job.

Third, those awesome looking boyfriend jeans that I ordered last week didn’t fit. I am soooo disappointed but they are huge. I am starting to wonder if I can even pull off boyfriend jeans (I would size down around two sizes to get them to fit). I may have to go for the more fitted girlfriend style instead because my legs looked like broomsticks poking out the bottom of the pants. Definitely not a good look.

Now back to the purpose of this post. I first read about capsule wardrobes quite a few years ago but I never gave it much thought. I was still stuck in the mindset of how can you possibly pick something to wear each day if you don’t have 30 different t-shirts or 15 pairs of jeans to choose from. It was my ridiculous more is better mindset that I had for years that also seems like a mindset shared by many. This probably started for me in the early to mid 90’s when I could go to the thrift stores and Salvation Army and fill a bag for $1. I had so many t-shirts, flannel shirts, cords, jeans, and backpacks back then it was insane, and I kept going back for more because I never seemed to have anything to wear.

It wasn’t until the last few times that we moved that I realized, “man, I have way too much shit.” Every time we moved I was embarrassed over how much room my clothing took in the moving truck. When I unpacked it all and hung and folded each piece I was a little disturbed by how many items still had tags, I hadn’t worn, or couldn’t even remember owning. That was a revelation to me that more wasn’t better, but actually hindered what I was wearing. When you buy that many things without any intent behind the purchase you are probably not going to get much wear out of that piece. And when your closet is full of wasted purchases then the items that you do or will wear get lost among the items that you don’t.  For instance I found this blazer that I bought about 8-9 years ago that I used to love and then it completely got lost among other things and I forgot I owned it. Now that I rescued it,  it can now return to its rightful place among the items I wear.

capsule wardrobe

I guess what I am saying is the best way to cut down on having too many unworn clothes is to put more than a passing thought in to the purchase. It seems like a no brainer but we all do it sometime, buy something with intent to lose weight, without thinking about if it will go with anything you wear, because it is on sale, because it looked cute on someone you know. These aren’t good reasons to buy if you really want to pare down your wardrobe.

To me it is getting rid of the items that I don’t feel good in, don’t wear, don’t flatter my body shape, and are old/worn/beyond repair. Then to slowly build it back with classic pieces, the best quality you can afford (the obviously will differ with every one). Things that easily pair together, items that will transition well through each season, and for me it to have those key pieces that change a basic and classic wardrobe into one that is uniquely you.

I am trying to not to call it a capsule as much because paring down a wardrobe will mean something different to each person and won’t fit under the traditional rules of what a capsule consists of. Each persons magic number will be different and will vary from season to season. I don’t think striving for a number of items is as beneficial as striving for a sense of completion. Don’t we all want that sense that your wardrobe is complete?

What was your point in realizing you needed a change?

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  1. Love this post, Sara, and all your points are well taken, well expressed. I couldn’t agree more. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Oh, I feel every word and see so much of myself in that part which talks about buying loads of clothes for $1 at a thriftstore. I used to do it so much as a student! 😀

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