Packing Light Amsterdam Kids Edition


Amsterdam Trip Packing List For Kids Part 1

Sleeveless Tank | Grey T-shirt | Graphic T-shirt | Baseball T-shirt | Cropped Plaid
Flannel Shirt | Grey Sweater | Pullover | Blazer | Distressed Denim | Dark Denim
Black Pants | Leggings | Dress | Coat | Scarf | Beanie | Pajamas Tops, Bottoms | Tights
Underwear | Socks | Slip-ons | Sneakers | Boots | Carry-on | Backpack 

In my Packing light for Amsterdam post I mentioned that I was going to try something different this time. I made a packing light kids edition post for Amsterdam as well. Having two kids myself I know how hard it is to try to figure out what you should bring with you for the kids on a short trip, never-mind a long one. My girls are 6 years apart and have completely different tastes from one another, so what I would bring for one child won’t work for the other. Plus, they are messy. How many times a day do they have to change a shirt or pants due to spilling? You won’t have access to laundry everywhere you go, so sometimes a sink wash and hang to dry is the best you can do for spills/stains and you can’t always guarantee they will be dry by morning. This list is packing light with a few extra pieces for those messy moments.

My oldest is almost 11. She lives in t-shirts, jeans, and converse. Her style is very laid back, and I often hear her questioning why she needs to get dressed that day or why does she have to change her shirt because she has only been wearing it for 3 days. She is the queen of graphic t-shirts and would probably wear her Harry Potter Gryffindor robe everywhere too if it still fit her. Although she asked for some Ravenclaw clothing for Christmas (she has decided if she went to Hogwarts she would be in Ravenclaw) This list appeals to a pre-pre-teen with a very casual, laid back look.

I made this list with  cooler temps in mind so I included a warm coat. There are plenty of pieces for layering, plus the pajamas can also be doubled as layering pieces since they are thermals. The carry-on is big enough that both girls could fit their stuff in it and the backpack is actually one that my daughter has and uses everyday. The backpack is what she would use to bring her entertainment items like iPads, iPods, books, headphones, games, and her favourite stuffed animal. I have planned out the outfit options for the next post. That way you can see how my daughter does/would wear these pieces. I made 12 outfits but there was actually many more you could make so this list could be used for a long trip.

Edit: Outfit options for this list can be found in this post.

What are your must-haves for kids when you go on vacation?

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