Packing Light Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Trip Packing Light Packing List


Dressy Tank | Graphic T-shirt | White Blouse | Dolman Top | Kimono Top
Cardigan | Grey Sweater | Black Pullover | Pencil Skirt | Denim | Flares | Black Pants
Knit Dress | Wool Coat | Wool Hat | Scarf | Sunglasses | Watch | Slip-ons | Flats
Boots | Carry-on Suitcase | Small Bag | Purse 

Amsterdam was instrumental in my decision in wanting to learn another language. It started about 7 years ago when I became obsessed with wanting to travel the world. I came across some pictures of the fantastic tall buildings that line the sides of Amsterdam’s canals and decided that one day I wanted to live in one of those. This brought me to the thought process of if I was going to live there someday then I needed to learn the language and I immediately began to search online for resources to aid me in the new goal. It’s funny how much the internet has grown in just 7 years, because then the resources were limited. I did manage to find a great little site that was sort of Rosetta Stone in its layout but more fun and I started my lessons. I really enjoyed what I was learning because Dutch is such a fun language to learn. Much more fun to speak than French which I ultimately decided was a better choice since it has more accessibility worldwide. I do wish that I stayed on the Dutch language train too though, I may have to see if I can find that site again. Unless someone else has a better option.

Since it is clear that I won’t be moving to Amsterdam any time soon, I would really like to visit. I am really drawn to any city that is fully pedestrian (or bike) friendly. Since I don’t drive, yes I really don’t drive. I have poor vision that doesn’t allow me to see street signs and until I am right under them. I also have really terrible night vision, this isn’t conducive to safe driving  so I don’t. Living some place that is completely walkable or has excellent public transit is a must for me. There is also something about walking around a city is to experience its soul. When you walk, your brain functions different. You become immersed in the city, its life, its people, its history. It’s an all round deeper and more meaningful experience.

So this weeks packing light, packing list is for Amsterdam. I am going to do something a little different this time though. Over the next few days I am also going to post Amsterdam packing light lists for kids. It’s going to show what I would pack for both my kids if we were going to The Netherlands tomorrow as a family. I won’t do a husband list though because it would be based on my experience with Tom and everything would be black, plaid, and converse 😉 The kids packing lists will be for a 10-year-old, and a preschooler since that is the ages of my girls and what I am accustomed to shopping for.

The outfit options for this list can be found in this post.

Do you have any good Dutch language learning resources that you can recommend? You know, because I am not having a hard enough time learning one language so I might as well add another too 😉

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