Packing Light 10 Days in New Zealand

10 Days in New Zealand Packing List

White T-shirt | Grey T-shirt | Peasant Blouse | Black Tunic | Knit Pullover
Oversized Sweater | Flannel Shirt | Poncho | Denim | Grey Denim | Black Pants
Fleece Lined Leggings | Black Dress | Wind/Rain Proof Jacket | Warm Coat | Runners
Boots | Rainboots | Watch | Sunglasses | Knit Scarf | Beanie | Wool Hat | Tights
Light Scarf | Clutch | Large Purse | Carry-on 

New Zealand. The name evokes thoughts of beautiful scenic mountains, lakes, the ocean….. and Hobbits. What more can you ask for? When I see pictures of New Zealand it reminds me of Western Canada (the mountains and lakes) and the lush green of Ireland or Scotland. The immense beauty that fills a country that size is astounding. I would love to have the opportunity to visit there sometime. Maybe hit Australia along the way since I have a good friend who lives there whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person.

While I have never been to New Zealand, Michelle is going for her honeymoon and wanted to know if I could help give her some ideas of what she should pack for 10 days in their Springtime. Their Spring is our Autumn over here in North America and from what I have researched it seems that New Zealand might be temperamental like Canada. Although they may not get the extreme drop in temperatures as we do it can experience 4 seasons in one day so packing light for it can be tricky. For me it would be temperatures I was used to but for someone who isn’t accustomed to cooler temperature drops it may be a bit of a shock. My suggestion is to make sure that you have clothes that layer well. Layers are easy to add or remove even if the weather keeps jumping around throughout the day. Tights are good for layering under pants, skirts, or dresses. I also suggest bringing something thermal for warmth. I included a pair of fleece-lined leggings in the packing list that are warm, comfortable, and versatile, but a thermal long sleeve should also be brought. It can be doubled as pajamas even if you never need to wear it under a layer. Double purpose means less stuff to pack. The leggings can also be double purposed as pajamas or lounge-wear.

The idea behind this packing list was casual comfort. New Zealand is known to be a very laid back and casual country so a lot dressy clothes aren’t needed. Although I did include one dress that is easy to dress up or down if necessary. It’s always nice to have something to wear if you want to dress up a little. Aside from the dress I stuck to t-shirts, oversized sweaters, a flannel shirt, and a poncho/wrap that can be wrapped and worn as a light cover or even as a scarf if you don’t feel like carrying it around. I chose two jackets both with a different purpose but you could just bring one of you wanted to. There is a lightweight wind/water proof coat that works well if you are going to be out in the elements touring around. The other coat is a heavier, slightly dressier looking one that can be worn at any point you need a warm coat. I chose a knit scarf and a beanie which may be good to have if there is time spent in the mountains or cooler areas, and a wool hat with a more casual scarf for regular outings in more temperate conditions.

For shoes I was struggling a bit. While I am a proponent for bringing no more than 3 pairs while travelling it was hard for me to decide what style would work best in this climate. I went with a pair of casual runner for walking and touring around on foot in comfort, a pair of low cut rain/winterized boots for colder, messier conditions. I chose this style because they almost look like a regular low-cut motorcycle boot than a rainboot. The last pair I picked was a healed boot that will easily take an outfit from casual to dressier in seconds. They also look great with a dress (two birds, one stone). Jewellery is totally up to you. I find myself wearing less jewellery than I used to except a watch. A watch is a simple way to dress up your arm without needing to bring an abundance of accessories.

I think if you really wanted to lighten the list up you could omit the black pants or grey denim, one coat, and the poncho. I just like an extra or two, especially if you are going to be touring a lot outside in unpredictable weather. Clothes covered in mud, or wet from rain or snow can limit your wardrobe if you don’t have a washing machine/dryer that is easily accessible. And don’t forget the suntan lotion and sunglasses. The sun’s UV’s are very strong from September to April in New Zealand.

The outfit options for this list are in this post.

In going to New Zealand I really think that I would need to visit Middle Earth so a Hobbit Tour would be a must, and maybe even a stay in a Hobbit Hotel. How cool would that be to walk the land of Gandalf, Bilbo, and Frodo? Maybe I will add it to my bucket list. Have you ever been? Is it worth it?

New Zealand Plane Outfit

As for what to wear on the plane. Pick your bulkiest, heaviest pieces from your packing list and wear these items for the flight. It lightens the load and makes packing easier. They are layered in a way that is easy to remove or put back on through varying stages of warmth/coolness. Links to the items are above.



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