Packing Light 10 Days in New Zealand Outfit Options

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Day 1 – Peasant Top | Jeans | Poncho | Hat | Boots | Watch |  Purse
Day 2 – Knit Sweater | Black pants | T-shirt | Rainboots | Scarf | Clutch
Day 3 – White T-shirt | Oversized Sweater | Grey Denim | Coat | Purse | Sunglasses | Sneakers
Day 4 – Grey T-shirt | Flannel Shirt | Fleece Leggings | Jacket | Rainboots | Beanie | Sunglasses | Scarf | Clutch
Day 5 – White T-shirt | Poncho | Black Pants | Rainboots | Hat | Scarf | Purse | Watch | Sunglasses
Day 6 – Tunic | Fleece Leggings | Coat | Sneakers | Watch | Purse | Sunglasses
Day 7 – Peasant Top | Black Pants | Coat | Boots | Scarf | Clutch
Day 8 – Knit Sweater | Jeans | Jacket | Beanie | Scarf | Sneakers | Purse
Day 9 – White T-shirt | Grey Denim | Flannel Shirt | Poncho | Sneakers
Day 10 – Tunic | Oversized Sweater | Fleece Leggings | Hat | Scarf | Rainboots | Purse

Cooler weather has always been my favourite because it allows me to wear layers. Sweaters, light jackets scarves, hats, these are my favourite pieces of my wardrobe. So saying I was really excited to find a rapid drop in temperature late yesterday afternoon was an understatement. Especially after that brutal heat wave we experienced for the last week. By bedtime I had all the windows wide open and there was a fantastic cross breeze throughout the condo. We all wore our warmer pajamas to bed and I even had to sleep with my duvet on, which felt weird since I have only slept with a light fleece blanket for months. I was even looking around our place today wondering if we were going to put our Christmas tree up in the same spot as last year. I’m totally jumping the gun on that one but seriously, there is only 14 Fridays until Christmas so start panicking 😉

On Friday I posted a 10 Days in New Zealand packing list for Michelle to giver her some packing light ideas. She said she was going to honeymoon there and needed help because she had no idea what to bring. She will be going when it is their spring time (our autumn in the Northern Hemisphere) so a wardrobe that can go from hot weather, to cold weather, sometimes in the same day is something that she needed to plan for. Bringing some kind of thermal layering top is ideal because it can be worn under any of the above pieces to make sure extra warmth if the temperature is too much to handle. It can also be worn as lounge-wear or pyjamas which is good to lighten the packing load. I compiled a bunch of pieces that can easily be layered for the weather changes with room to change-up the look even more by swapping shoes, switching coats, adding accessories if you need to dress it up or make it more casual. I put together 10 outfits above from the pieces in the packing list. At the  bottom of this post are three different outfit options for the one dress I included in the list.  So I made 13 outfit options to give you an idea of the versatility of the list. Like I mentioned before, you can also change-up these looks by simple switches of pieces if you are going out to dinner and want to dress up a bit.

I hope you have an amazing honeymoon Michelle. Take tons of pictures. That is a regret that I have, I don’t think I have one picture from our honeymoon. We only went to Niagara Falls, but there are no keepsakes. In our defence though, it was 2004 and camera phones, and documenting every aspect of your life wasn’t a thing yet. But still, I wish we had got at least one.

If there are any destinations that you would like to see a packing list for let me know in a message or comment below.

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New Zealand Night Outfits

Option 1 – Dress | Coat | Boots | Watch | Clutch
Option 2 – Dress | Hat | Scarf | Jacket | Tights | Rainboots | Purse
Options 3 – Dress | Sweater | Fleece Leggings | Sneakers | Beanie | Purse


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  1. Hello Sara, i am from Portugal, and soon i’ll be going on a trip to Italy(Rome and Florence) for about 10 days.
    What do you sugest for a 10 day winter trip to italy?



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