Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe Shopping Plans

Fall and Winter Capsule Shopping List

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It’s that time of the season to be thinking about building and transitioning to a fall wardrobe. I have picked the kids up a few pieces at a time and while I am doing that I am always checking the new fall stock for me. I was going through my closet and deciding what things I could bring forward to fall and winter to get an idea of what I would need to buy. I enjoyed having a capsule wardrobe last season and I plan on sticking with it for now. Since fall is so short around here having a more winter-based cold season based wardrobe makes a lot more sense. It’s easier to dress down for an unexpected warm day than it is to layer up if you don’t have enough cold weather options.

I decided that I definitely need more sweaters. I had two that I bought really late season last winter so they got more use in spring. I had the tendency to run around in my house-coat at home instead of wearing the same sweater over and over in the house and wearing it out. So to avoid that this year I decided that having 4-5 sweaters would make more sense. Stores are now just starting to turn over and put their fall stuff out so the choices aren’t as great as I hoped but I have definitely found a few things that I really like. I actually found some pieces that I liked when I was making the 10 Days in Vienna Packing List so I may stop by at H&M and Topshop to see if they carry them at my local stores.

I always gravitate to my usual colour palette of black, white, grey, gold/tan, and a piece or two in a bright colour like red. I also tend to shy away from too many prints. Occasionally I will get a shirt with a print on it but usually I keep it pretty simple because you can get more use out of it that way. People aren’t going to notice that is the same black sweater you have worn this week already but they may notice the you just wore that shirt with the bright floral print. Below are a few pieces that are on my want-list/shopping list for fall/winter. I figure that I have a lot of things from my spring/summer capsule that I can wear this season, but I also am cutting down the amount of dresses so I have room to play with a few more pieces.

I am trying to keep it relatively inexpensive since I have kids clothes to get with this budget and I was planning on picking up a few Christmas gifts. Yikes. I can’t believe that I have to seriously think of that now. I am totally stumped for Merle and she isn’t giving me any good ideas. Any suggestions for a child that will be turning 5 by Christmas?


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