The Burden of Eating Healthy & Outfit of the Day 9

Outfit of the Day


Good lord the humidity kills me. I would rather have stayed home today but we were running out of something that is not good to run out of 😉 so there wasn’t much choice in the matter. The girls didn’t want to leave either and were being so slow and pokey that I wished they were old enough to stay at home. Especially since anytime we go and run errands together it usually takes no less than 2 hours when I have to bring them. I am so much more efficient on my own.

Walmart is our closest grocery/amenities store and it just so happens to be in the mall which explains our no less than two hours problem. Go in for one thing and come out with $89 worth of groceries and McDonald’s for the girls. A nice healthy lunch. I got sucked in to it because a) the Happy Meal toy was a Minion and b) Merle thinks McDonald’s is actually called Happy Meal and it’s one of those cute things you hope they never outgrow.

And how the hell do people keeps groceries to a budget? I don’t know how to do it. I meal plan based on flyers and yet groceries are still a huge expense in our house and most of it is not that healthy because of cost. I would love for us all to eat organic and health foods but I can’t wrap my head around how this is possible. When I walk through the doors of Wholefoods I expect the clouds to open and shine down on the entrance like I am having a holy experience. It’s so lovely there and the food looks so much better but how can I justify a $4 for one avocado when I can get a bag of 5 at my grocery store for $4? I feel like I am harming my family and kids by not feeding us better foods but the truth is that it is too expensive. Is there a secret to eating healthy that I am unaware of? I try to follow some blogs on this topic but they are all from the U.S. and there is an obvious difference in the cost of groceries when I try so it just isn’t working. Does anyone have any tips for me? I am open to any suggestions regarding shopping, meal planning, recipes, or even just some blogs that may guide me in the right direction because we really need to get on track here.

Outfit of the Day 9

Same dress as mine but different print. I kind of wish I got this one now because it has a more tropical feel.

Dress | Sandals | Bag | Sunglasses | Watch (not in this pic but is in the picture at the top with me)


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