New Zombie Fighting Hat

I bought a new hat from H&M on Saturday. I love wearing hats but sometimes it is hard to find one that suits me or fits my big head. So when I tried on this felt hat with brim and it fit great I knew I had to buy it. I wanted it in black but the only colour options left were this brown, a lighter brown, and cream. My 10-year-old daughter Roo said

“You look like you should be fighting zombies on The Walking Dead in that hat.”

Thanks kid. I assume it is the sheriff resemblance. Or maybe I just look like I belong in a post apocalyptic zombie riddled world. Whatever the reason, I bought it anyway. Please excuse the crappy photo. I was hiding in the closet with shitty lighting because my 4-year-old kept photo bombing right in front of my face.

Similar hats from H&M here, here, and here.



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