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In 2010 I started a blog. I was in the first year of homeschooling Roo and it seemed to be the thing that many moms in the homeschooling community did to keep themselves accountable. It worked for the most part. It was great for a beginner like me to have an outlet and for giving and receiving feedback and advice from others if we were struggling. I kind of wish that I stuck to it because I would have 5 years under my belt by now. But after the birth of Merle I found that I was just straight up too tired to update my blog. It was getting monotonous and all I was able to produce was a weekly roundup of what we had accomplished. Sometimes I would have a funny story to share but that was becoming rarer, so I decided to call it a day. It’s still there in case I want to venture back to it or reflect back to anything we did those years. It was a fun start and a good introduction into the blogging world for me. I kind of feel like a totally different person now as I did back then and I feel this blog reflects that. Back then my life seemed 100% focused on kids. I was Sara, mom only. I felt like I lost myself back then and was just on autopilot daily. I have been slowly trying to find myself again over the years and while I am still 100% focused on my kids I am starting to think there is more than 100% in oneself.  It is possible to strive for more. Life is about growth and I am trying to find that extra bit that is just for me. I guess I better start creating myself.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw



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