March Break and Some Bargain Hunting



H&M – Rib-knit Sweater – Natural white – Ladies • H&M • $15 (it also comes in cream or light pink)


March break started today. It’s not really that big a deal for us since I homeschool, but I like to give her some breaks that coincide with public school. Plus, the weather is a lot nicer and after this seemingly long winter we were due for a break.

Yesterday we went out as a family. Sunday is usually our errand day since Tom works many hours and spends Saturday recuperating.  When we went down to the underground garage to get our car and Merle (my 4yo) decided that it would be completely awesome to push the red “help someone is trying to attack me” button. I saw her going for it but my reaction time was slightly off. I think I was thinking that there was no way she would push it because we have discussed that button a million times. But she pressed it. We then had to drive around the condo and go tell security what she did. She was hysterical because she thought the cops were coming to get her. I hope this teaches her never to push that again. Good times.

So to lighten the mood the girls and I went bargain shopping today. Since Target is closing we hit it up for some good deals. I found some nice cheap towels and let the girls pick out a colour each which ended up being surprise, surprise, a turquoise one and yellow one. I found hair dye for $6 just one shade off from what I usually do so I will be colouring my hair with my fingers crossed. I also found this sweater at H&M for $15 which is awesome and I am going to wear Saturday to ComiCon with my zombie fighting hat.


Merle got a pair of small gold hoops at Walmart to replace the studs she is still wearing from when she got her ears pierced in November. I tried taking them out early and she lost her shit, so I thought we could buy a bargaining tool. Targets toys were 50% off so I found her an Equestria Doll for about $11. Of course I had to get one for Roo too, so I thought, “maybe I can get her to clean her room with this all.” Usually when I ask her to clean her room she can spend 6 hours in there and have zero progress. She can make a whole city on Minecraft in 30 minutes but it takes a full week to put her laundry away.

Status as of now:
Roo: Her room looks spectacular. $11 well spent.
Merle: She freaked out and only let me changed one earring. Now she has one stud and one hoop and kind of looks like a pirate.





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