I Want to be a Freelance Writer

Hello. My name is Sara and I want to be a Freelance Writer. Who wouldn’t, with all those glorified images and stories of care-free travel, pool side writing, and exciting experiences you see online and in movies. I do not fit into that image.  I am more familiar with topics like, what it is like when your child will only eat the same thing everyday for weeks, teaching children to read (my children, I don’t have the patience for other children), and how much fun it is to catch vomit in your hands. I sit here day in and day out as a stay at home mom who homeschools, wishing that I had something of my own to have. Then I started asking myself, how can I accomplish this and still raise a family at home? So for an undisclosed embarrassing amount of time I have been pondering the questions: Can I become a freelance writer? What if I become a freelance writer? How do I begin to become a freelance writer? My answer is “I’m not actually sure, but I think have to try.”

Everything I have read says that having a blog is a good platform for entering freelance writing. It allows you you get in practice, get yourself out there, maybe even build an audience that will help to integrate you in to freelance writing jobs. Shamefully I have had this blog for almost year without a single new post. What a wasted opportunity. It is something I plan to change beginning now.

So if I go back to my ideal image of what I naively perceive a freelance writer to be. I would love to be able to pack my laptop, grab my carry on*, and jump onto a plane to visit an amazing destination that inspired me to write. Instead I am writing from my desktop while my children are eating Fruit Loops from the box and watching Frozen. Well, one is watching Frozen, the other one is playing Minecraft.  I do not have personal experience in travelling the world but I do know where most of the countries in the world are located. I have a vast variety of experience with having children that range from gross to glorious. I am also a mother who loves fashion more than she has the money to support it. I try really hard to remain stylish on a very minimal budget. Budget chic. So I am putting it out there. I want to be a Freelance writer. I have no idea how to start or even if this is possible. This blog may be a journey of that, or may just be a journalling of my crazy life. I will have to see what route it takes.

*Although I haven’t travelled extensively I have researched and honed my skills of packing for a trip using just a carry-on suitcase. I have compiled a huge list of packing ideas on my Pinterest. Too bad I can’t get paid to pack a suitcase.


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