Minimalistic Living Goals ……. Are They Possible?

I just sat down after doing a quick pick up of the apartment. The funny thing is that I just did the exact same thing three hours ago. How a home can get so messy in such a short period of time? Kids is the quick answer. I’m sure it’s a lot deeper than that, but oh man so they do damage. I really don’t know how to beat it. I have downsized and purged. Tried buying less toys for the sake of buying toys and stick to just a few key things that they really enjoy. I mean, I purged five bags full of stuff just from the girls room a few weeks ago to donate and I am still being overrun with things. I see pictures of beautiful homes, with clean tidy, minimalistic designs and my thoughts are twofold. The first thought is how much I would love to have that type of home. It would be a breath of fresh air to get out of bed in my beautiful, clean, crisp looking home. No tripping on things or closing my eyes as I walk past piles that need to be put away. I would walk into my zen living room, unroll my yoga mat and start my day with the most glorious sun salutation. My second thought is, that is never going to happen. Never. How do these people do it? Before we moved to this place it was my goal to downsize. I went through everything and purged, trashed, donated, gave away so many things. Even our wardrobes got culled big time. I thought I did well. My mother-in-law noticed a huge difference when she came over (or so she said). When we moved we rented a 14ft Uhaul truck and we still didn’t have room for everything needing to make a second trip. I can see how there is a direct correlation to depression and having too much crap. It’s overwhelming, disheartening, and suffocating. We moved into this place a little over a month ago and I still have boxes that haven’t been touched because I just don’t know where to put it. I would love to have enough money to start over. Get rid of everything and slowly replace things as we need them in order to cut down on crap. I peruse Pinterest regularly pinning my ideal home, hoping to one day be able to have something that resembles that. Then I glance up from my computer, look around the room, take a deep breath, and start picking stuff up again.


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