Building for a Fall Capsule and #OOTD 10

Outift of the Day 10 #ootd

OOTD 10 Outline

Grey Tank (under kimono) | Kimono Top (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Booties (similar) | Hat

We went to the mall this weekend because Roo’s iPad up and died on her. It wasn’t unexpected seeing she dropped it in the toilet (her fault for bringing it in there, but in her defence Merle kicked open the door and scared the shit out of her so she dropped it). I didn’t realize that they were totally not fixable though until the guy said the battery was completely dead and they can’t replace the battery but would issue us a replacement iPad for $220 since we were out of warranty. Nope, sorry. Continue Reading

The Burden of Eating Healthy & Outfit of the Day 9

Outfit of the Day


Good lord the humidity kills me. I would rather have stayed home today but we were running out of something that is not good to run out of ;) so there wasn’t much choice in the matter. The girls didn’t want to leave either and were being so slow and pokey that I wished they were old enough to stay at home. Especially since anytime we go and run errands together it usually takes no less than 2 hours when I have to bring them. I am so much more efficient on my own. Continue Reading

WTF Summer Colds? Outfit of the day 8

Capsule Wardrobe


All I have to say about summer colds is wtf? We usually don’t see colds until the end of summer when school is starting and sharing germs becomes a daily battle. Even though we homeschool we still seem to be affected by the back to school germ influx, so I don’t know where this came from. It’s not like they have licked public door handles and we wash hands thoroughly after outings. It was probably that moment when I said, “hey guys, can you please stop touching fruit that people are going to buy?” when we were grocery shopping. Karma for manhandling someone else’s produce. I just know that when both kids told me that they had sore throats within 20 minutes of each other that something not so fun was brewing. Continue Reading

Outfit of the Day and Value Village Haul

Outfit of the Day 6 #ootd

Holy shit I look really short in this picture. I guess that is inescapable since I am actually not super tall but not as short as this makes me look. I fall at 5’3″ just under the average 5’4″ – 5’7″ range.. It’s probably the boots that add to the shortness since they hit my knee but that is okay, I still love them. So this is my outfit of the day. Before you go, “that’s not your outfit of the day! There is no way you were wearing that many layers today because it was really hot and humid.” I confess that this was yesterday’s (Sunday) outfit when it was rainy and a hell of a lot cooler out. It was perfect weather. Continue Reading