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So Roo took over my winter boots. I knew she was going to do it which is the main reason I have looked around for new boots. It snowed for the first time this week and from that moment she wore them every day. I’ve worn my Frye Boots which is probably a terrible idea and I will ruin them so maybe I’ll dig out my liners and wear my rain boots for now. I’m hoping that either we will find another pair of Sorels at Value Village (not holding me breathe on that one) or that there will be a good sale after Christmas. I should probably start checking on Kijiji for people looking to sell theirs as well. I was window shopping today and saw a pair of Cougars that I really liked, also a pair of Sperry’s. So I am not just setting my sights for Sorels since there are so many great alternatives.

I put together a last gift guide for last-minute shoppers. Prices range from around $5 – $20 and covers everything from stocking stuffers, small gifts, to white elephant gifts ideas. And if the amount of people shopping tonight didn’t convince me of how many people wait until the last-minute to do their shopping I don’t know what will. I was insanity tonight and I am soooo happy that I finished. I did pick up something small for Tom although we said we weren’t doing presents. It is something that he will love and I couldn’t pass it up.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • I find this stuff so fascinating. One of my favourite tv show that I have ever watched is called History Cold Case where they take unknown skeletons from the past and put together what their life may have been like, as well as appearance. The death masks are morbidly interesting too.
  • Have you been following this guys Dear David experiences on twitter? It scares the bejesus out of me but I can’t stop reading. If you scare easily do not read it because you will never sleep again.
  • I really want to make this. I’m not sure if the girls would like it though. Well, Roo probably would but Merle has an aversion to anything she thinks may be related to salad (Ie. most green things). But even if they didn’t like it I am pretty sure I could eat it all myself.
  • How did I not know that Roseanne was coming back. My life is complete.
  • This is why I let my girls play a lot of Minecraft. It’s one of those things that I do not limit time too. I can see their creativity flow through entire worlds that they build. It is amazing to see.

Weekly Finds:

  • J.Crew is once again having 40% off select items with code TIME2GIVE. I always find great pieces there but never want to spend the money. I have been told that if I ever like anything from them, just wait because it will be marked down 40% off soon. That seems to be accurate. I like this striped sweater, this sequin top, these jeans, a cardigan, and of course shoes. I have to pick a whole outfit 😉
  • Head over to Pottery Barn and you will find up to 30% off no code required. Christmas decor is on sale so you can get your place all decked out for discount. Stockings, ornaments, and even stuff for your table top.
  • Asos is an extra 30% off no code. This All Saints bag is gorgeous. I have these mitts and they are fantastic. And some great prices on faux fur scarves in a solid colour, and multicolour.
  • Madewell’s weekend deal is an extra 25% off with the code ADDTOCART. I love this pom pom garland (I made one for the girls that they still have in their room but it took forever). This velvet tie top in a pretty apricot colour, and this starry sweatshirt.
  • Steve Madden is up to 50% off clearance with the code JOY. I sort of really love these with the huge buckle and large block heel, and these boots.

Have a great weekend!

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