What to Pack New York City Four Days in December

What to Pack for New York City for 4 days in December Packing Light List #packinglight #travellight #travel #packinglist #raveltips
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Tank / Cami • H&M | Striped Shirt • H&M | Blouse • H&M | Oversized Sweater • H&M |
Black Pullover • H&M | Blazer • Marks and Spencer | Jeans • H&M | Black Pants • Mango | Dress • H&M |
Coat • Mango | Scarf • Shiraleah | Knit Hat • Everlane |  Boots • Zara | Sneakers • Adidas |
Flats • Nordstrom | Purse • Sole Society | Clutch  • Nordstrom
Imagine you are going to New York City for Christmas for 4 days with your girlfriends. What do you pack? My first thought…..I don’t know. I will probably never be going to New York with girlfriends for Christmas because my kids lose their shit if I even leave the apartment to throw the garbage down the chute without them (Well not so much Roo but the Merle for sure. She is my shadow), but then I focused, realized that this isn’t about me and compiled a list for the woman who requested it 😉

It’s a pretty basic list with outfits that are comfortable for a lot of walking and options suitable for dinners and the theatre. The only stipulation was that no heels could be included due to foot issues so I tried to come up with an alternative that would still look dressy. A mule is sleek, sexy, and gives the illusion of a dressier shoe because of the open heel. It shouldn’t be too cold or snowy at this time of the year so breaking out your full winter regalia won’t be necessary either. A nice wool coat, sweaters, winter hat/scarf, and comfortable footwear will be fine for visiting one of the greatest cities on earth.

I will put together 10 outfit options for this list in next post.

I can’t believe how fast Christmas is sneaking up. Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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  1. Love, love, love this travel wardrobe, Sara. I totally want to wear everything. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith 🙂 I was in H&M tonight window wasting time while Roo was at a class and I tried on that brown sweater. It’s really nice and comes in a dark grey too. I don’t know which colour I like best. Has it cooled down yet where you are?


      • You probably can’t go wrong with either color of the sweater. They both look great.

        Ha, the weather here, it’s goofy. Today the high was 79. Tomorrow it’s to be 61. Then it goes up and down from there. I so want to wear that long plaid coat. Or even a sweater could be fun.

        Any Christmas decor going on at your house yet?

        • The weather is bizarre here too. Tomorrow is going to be 18°C but Sunday it might snow which is a pretty big drop in temp.
          We traditionally put up the Christmas decor on the 24th because that’s Roo’s birthday and she loves the tree up. I think we may jump the gun and put it up this Sunday though. It’s supposed to be miserable out and Tom has to work because they are trying to get as much filming in as possible before hiatus. Digging the decorations out also forces me to clean my closet because they are stored there under everything :/ so we will see my motivation level.
          I’m also worried about the cat knocking down the tree since this is his first Christmas. He’s a little spastic, especially at night so it’s a matter of when not if he does it.
          I rearranged the living area last week in preparation. Now we have a spot for the tree, although it’s going to be cramped.


  2. We finally got to buy the faux Christmas tree we’ve wanted for years, so it went up mid last week! It’s pretty festive around here now, more than for what seems like a long while. It’s cooler here now, but not enough yet for coat wearing. It’s pretty and sunny, with no humidity, so we’re happy anyway.

    Enjoy your week, Ardith

  3. Bah. We had to break out the winter parkas this week 🙁 I have to get the girls some boots too before the weather totally turns. I probably have until January so I am hoping there is some good sales over the next few weeks.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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