What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week #ootd

What I Wore This Week #ootd

What I Wore This Week #ootd

What I Wore This Week #ootd

Band T-shirt • H&M old (similar) | Jeans (1st photo) • H&M | Booties • DSW (similar) |
Striped Shirt • Everlane | Jeans (2nd photo) • Zara | Vans Slip-ons |
Crossbody • Urban Outfitters | Floral Dress • H&M old (similar) | Sandals • Etsy |
Black Blouse • Express | Jeans ( 4th photo) • H&M

We got a cat yesterday. It was a long time coming since the kids have asked for a while but I wasn’t ready yet. Five years ago this Canada Day I had to have my cat Iza put down. I got her when I was in college and she was the first pet I had that was actually mine and not my parents. She was my companion for my whole adult life up until that point and it broke my heart. It wasn’t until recently that I felt ready to get another one.

This guy we got out of a fluke. Tom’s friend was supposed to get him but he ended up with another cat and felt guilty so he asked Tom if he was interested and he said yes. Our new guy is an expat from Detroit. He is black with golden eyes, and is a polydactyl which makes him look like he is wearing mittens. We named him after one of my favourite literary characters of all time, Severus.

So this week was HOT. Saturday was so gross that I wanted to hide indoors but couldn’t due to having to take the kids to their classes. I’m not an avid swimmer but I think this summer we will be getting a lot of use out of our buildings pool if it is going to be hot like this. It’s indoors thankfully because both my kids don’t deal well in extreme heat and sun. I, myself have only had one sunburn my entire life and it was minor and contained to my cleavage area (wearing a v-neck) because I tend to avoid the sun like the plague.  Which I guess will be good in the long run. Hopefully.

Is it mean that I want to put a little wizard hat on Severus? (Joking….kind of)

Severus Snape

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