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Urban Outfitters BDG Lindstrom Fold Crossbody Bag



So I actually meant to make this post at the beginning of June but apparently my blog organization sucks. Which is code for typing things in notes on my phone at 3am when it pops in to my head and then totally forgetting I did it. It would probably work if I remembered to check notes periodically.

I thought I would start doing a monthly round-up of things that I purchased through the month for a twofold purpose,

1. to show you how much I spend on new items per month, and
2. to keep a record of this for myself as well because we all know how fast those debit charges add up when you aren’t keeping track.

It can even be shocking how much you spend on coffees alone. That’s one of the first things that a financial advisor will tell you to do when you start working with them is to keep a spending diary (not just for clothing but everything) that way both you and they will get a better idea of where the money goes and how they can help you make a plan to better it. Yes, I have been to a financial advisor.

I have never been one to spend tons of money per month on myself. Even when I was young and had a disposable income I didn’t spend that much even though I worked in a mall and spent my breaks “shopping”. The temptation literally surrounded me and in hindsight I am proud of keeping a reign on it because it could have been bad.

My purchases for May were my cross body from Urban Outfitters for $64.00, lace up leather flats from Zara for $49.90, and some black pants also from Zara for $35.90.

Grand Total: $149.80

I also bought a Poäng chair (in the black-brown wood and Finnsta Gray cushion) and yellow Ofelia throw from Ikea but that doesn’t count in my clothing budget. Plus, we actually needed a new chair so it wasn’t an impulse buy.

Do you have any good organizational apps or suggestions to help me get my shit together?

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