New Leather Jacket and a Capsule Wardrobe Update

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Oh boy, I am really trying to get a handle on this building a wardrobe thing. I took the plunge and removed absolutely everything to of my closet and threw it on the bed a few days ago. Once I did it I immediately regretted it but I figured now or never. I tried on each individual piece to see how I really felt about everything. I tried it on with my back to the mirror, made sure to wear it the way I normally would with shoes, and/or other items so I could make a really judgement call then I turned around and went with my first thought. There were some surprise outcomes that’s for sure. Like the maxi dress I loved last summer seemed to look different this year. I don’t know if it’s because it’s getting worn, is stretched out from hanging up all year, my tastes have changed or if I have gained a little weight (gulp) but whatever the reason I folded it up and placed it in the donate bag without thinking twice. I actually thought it was going to transition to my final wardrobe list but it just didn’t make me feel that good wearing it.

I got rid of more things than I originally thought I would. I find it kind of funny to open the closet and see how many things I have in there compared to a few years ago, and compared to the rest of my family. While I got rid of of few things this week I also bought a few (mostly to replace worn staples like t-shirts and the maxi dress). I did make a big purchase though (well, big purchase in my standards not in many people’s) and bought a leather coat. Tom suggested that I buy a leather coat when the tax refund money came in. I have looked and have seen a few beautiful ones but the prices made me cringe. I know you have to bite the bullet and pay more when you are buying certain pieces but that little nattering former broke-ass bargain shopper in my brain says, “but Sara, you KNOW you can find that cheaper if you look.) So look I did, and while the jacket that I kept going back to from Rudsak was amazing and fit like a dream I was able to find a comparable one for way less than 1/3 of the price at Zara. It actually looked very much the same, felt the same, the lining in the Zara jacket isn’t as nice but it wasn’t worth $500 more nice, so I bought it. It is a motorcycle jacket style that I have been looking for with lots of zippers and a buckle/belt at the bottom. I think that it is going to look really great once it starts to get that well-loved, worn-in look.

Earlier in the week I replaced my old Pencil skirt (like, 9 years old) with a really pretty one I found when I wasn’t even looking for one. I upgraded from basic black to a lovely floral print. I had to exchange it for a smaller size because the fit seemed kind of roomy but I really like it, and I can wear this dressed up or with a knotted t-shirt and sandals. My closet is slowly starting to come together and I think I might have a pretty good draft of where the year-long wardrobe stands. I am finalizing the list to be posted in the next few days. I am debating including my only pair of shorts or not because I don’t really wear them. We all know how that works though, if I get rid of the shorts I am going to wish I kept them. Maybe I will just sit on them for now and see how many times they are worn this summer and reevaluate in the fall. A few new pieces over the last week or so are listed above.

Have you ever loved an item and then one day try it on and realize it just doesn’t work anymore?

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*I originally accidentally wrote pencil case instead of pencil skirt when I posted it, so if your read it before I edited it I hope you got a nice chuckle 😉 I also burnt my finger on a McDonald’s pie and now have to type using the hunt and peck method since it hurts to use that finger which is why this post is later than usual.


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