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Flowy Printed Top • MANGO  | Black Blouse • MANGO  | Coat • MANGO  | Pink Camisole • H&M
T-shirt • J.Crew  | Pullover • MANGO  | Cardigan • MANGO  | Blanket Scarf  • Express
Jeans • H&M  | Black Jeans • River Island  | Midi Wrap Skirt • MANGO
Ranger 40 Watch • Nixon  | Tortoiseshell Retro Sunglasses • MANGO
Steven Genna Flats • ShopbopAnkle Boots • Dorothy PerkinsVeronica Pump  • Banana Republic
Faux-Leather Shopper Bag • Violeta BY MANGO  | Leather Tie Clutch Bag • Asos 

I got an email request a few weeks back for a packing light list for 5 days in Istanbul, Turkey for the month of April. Most people think that Istanbul is located completely separated from Europe, but the truth is that is right on the edge of Turkey, bordering Bulgaria. This is a reason Istanbul is very western in the way that its people dress.

There is a lot of misconceptions with what you should wear there and people think that there are a lot of restrictions, but that isn’t the case. Your regular clothes like jeans, dresses, skirts, converse, leather handbags are all acceptable, but when you visit a religious site there are rules that need to be followed. When entering these sites you need to make sure that you are respectfully covered.  This easily attained by always keeping a large scarf or shawl in your purse to cover your arms and hair in these instances.

It is also good to note that Istanbul is built on many hills so walking around in any kind of heels is difficult. Flats or sneakers are the best choice for walking the city and heels are usually saved for at night when you drive or take a taxi to your destination.

Istanbul’s weather in April is a perfect time for travel because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The average daily high is 12-16°C (54-61°F) and the low 8°C (46°F). In this packing list I included 4 tops + 1 cardigan + 1 pullover + 1 pair of jeans + 1 black pants + 1 skirt + coat + 3 shoes (heels optional) + accessories (which includes the large scarf I mentioned above.

These packing lists aren’t intended to make you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. They are to give you an outline of suggested ideas of how you can pack for a trip using the pieces from your own closets. I try to give just a simple generic name to the pieces of clothes I include so that you can match it up with something comparable. A camisole, is just a regular cami or loose tank, a t-shirt is a t-shirt, use your favourite pullover. The key is to make sure that all the pieces that you use match and can be worn together. That is how you are going to get as many outfit options as possible out of a small amount of pieces. The outfit options that you can make from this list will be up in the next post.

What is your favourite month to travel in?

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