What to Pack for New York City – Packing Light Winter

Ever wonder what to pack for New York City in winter Winter? Here is a New York City Packing List that will cover you for spring, fall, and winter with a few small changes. Packing List | travel light | packing light | Tank | T-shirt | Peasant Blouse | Dressy Top | Dressy Blouse
Black Knit Pullover | Heavy Cardigan | Dressy Cardigan | Denim
Grey Denim | Black Pants | Black Dress | Coat | Beanie | Scarf
Mittens | Watch | Sunglasses | Wool Hat | Sneakers | Ankle Boots
Waterproof Boots | Purse | Clutch 

New York City is a popular travel destination for the Christmas season and I have received several requests for NYC packing Light lists over the last few weeks. I have to admit, when I see pictures of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree I get butterflies and may swoon a little. Christmas is my favourite time of year not because of gifts but because of the overall ambience of the season. I love it, so over the next month and a half I plan on making a few packing lists of destinations for the Christmas season. I am going to pick them based on my favourite Christmas traditions (Ahem. Krampus) and from my own personal list of places I want to see at Christmas 😉  So stay tuned for those (and feel free to give me some suggestions if you want).

What to Pack for New York City it is a 10 day packing light list and can easily be made for less or more days as needed. In NYC the month of December is usually cool but not too cold yet, wet, and slushy. I originally included a parka style jacket and a blazer instead of the coat pictured. That way you would have the warmth of the parka when you are out touring the city, and the blazer would work well as a cover up if you had a night out at a play, musical, or a fancy dinner. I decided instead to include a hooded wool jacket that is both casual and dressy to cut down on items packed, but it all depends on what you want. You could also have easily omitted a shirt or two, a sweater, a pair of pants, and the sneakers if you really wanted to pack as light as humanly possible. I still like to give myself an option or two to pick from though. I am also going through a vintage band tee kick so The Who t-shirt could be swapped for a plain, solid coloured t-shirt for a more minimalistic look.

In total there are 13 pieces of clothing plus shoes, and accessories. For shoes I decided that a waterproof short boot would work in this weather. Those Sorels have good traction for walking, and they look more like a moto boot than a winter boot. The sneakers could be swapped out for a pair of flats (I just chose sneakers because your feet will be less apt to get wet than in flats), and the ankle boots for heels if you wanted a dressier shoe. The ankle boots will still look nice with the dress though so it all depends of the overall level of dressy/formal you are going for. To round it all out I  included a beanie, oversized scarf, and mittens for the weather which I think are a necessity. The outfit options for this list will be included in my next post.

Do you love the ambience of the Christmas Season as much as I do?

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