What to Wear in New York City – Winter

What to Wear in New York City Winter edition Outfits 1-10 #packinglight #travellight #traveltips

Outfit 1 – Black Knit Pullover | Grey Denim | Beanie | Sunglasses | Purse | Warm Boots
Outfit 2 – White Blouse | Denim | Cardigan | Red Boots | Clutch
Outfit 3 – T-shirt | Dress | Hat | Watch | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 4 – Black Tank | Black Pants | Cardigan | Clutch | Warm Boots
Outfit 5 – Black Top | Grey Denim | Beanie | Scarf | Sunglasses | Clutch | Red Boots
Outfit 6 – Pink Blouse | Denim | Coat | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 7 – Dress | Coat | Watch | Clutch | Red Boots
Outfit 8 – T-shirt | Grey Denim | Hat | Scarf | Warm Boots | Purse
Outfit 9 – Black Knit Pullover | Black pants | Cardigan | Purse | Red Boots
Outfit 10 – Black Tank | Denim | Cardigan | Sneakers | Purse 

In my last post I talked about how New York City was a popular Christmas destination. I provided a packing list that would allow you to pack lightly for a 10+day vacation in winter, as long as you didn’t have any occasions that you needed to dress really formal. In What to Wear in New York City I am going to show you how I would put those items together in to outfits so you can have the general idea on how many options you can have from this list.

New York City in December is cool, not normally freezing but it’s best to check the forecast to make sure there isn’t going to be a cold snap while you are there. That would suck. It is also wet, and the ground tends to have slush, so having at least one pair of waterproof footwear is probably a good idea if you plan on spending any time outside (which if you are visiting NYC I would hope your would be walking around touring since there is so much to see and do).  Other appropriate winter gear is a warm coat, scarf, hat, and gloves/mittens. You would only need one of each to ensure you are properly attired for the weather.

I included 13 items plus shoes and accessories in this list. Five shirts of varying styles, a roomy knit pullover, two cardigans (one heavy, one more dressy) 3 bottoms including one pair of black pants that can easily be made formal if need be, and one dress that you can layer over to work as a skirt as well. Having items that can serve several purposes will give you more options and lighten your suitcase. A scarf can also be worn as a wrap, or a dress that will also work as a skirt, leggings that can also be worn as exercise wear or night-wear. I put together 10 outfits at the top of the post and 8 more outfits at the bottom of the post as alternates/to show other options and there is still more options that I did not include. There are so many ways you can wear things as long as you let your creativity flow.

What are your most versatile items in your wardrobe?

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What to Wear in New York City Winter edition Outfits 11-18 #packinglight #travellight #traveltips

Outfit 11 – Black Knit Pullover | Denim | Hat | Scarf | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 12 – Black Top | Dress | Sunglasses | Watch | Clutch | Red Boots
Outfit 13 – White Blouse | Black Pants | Watch | Clutch | Red Boots
Outfit 14 – Pink Blouse | Grey Denim | Beanie | Sunglasses | Purse | Warm Boots
Outfit 15 – Black Knit Pullover | Dress | Beanie | Sunglasses | Purse | Warm Boots
Outfit 16 – T-shirt | Denim | Cardigan | Clutch | Sneakers
Outfit 17 – Black Top | Black Pants | Coat | Watch | Clutch | Red Boots
Outfit 18 – White Blouse | Grey Denim | Hat | Scarf | Purse | Warm Boots


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