Packing Light Edinburgh Outfit Options


Edinburgh Packing Light Outfit Options

Outfit 1 – Knit Sweater | Coat | Blue Jeans | Boots | Sunglasses | Purse
Outfit 2 – White Blouse | Black Pants | Cape | Pattern Scarf | Flats | Purse
Outfit 3 – Knit Dress | Coat | Knit Scarf | Hat | Clutch | Rainboots | Umbrella
Outfit 4 – Black Tank | Black Jeans | Oversized Sweater | Boots | Sunglasses | Purse
Outfit 5 – Blouse | Blue Jeans | Cuyana Cape | Pattern Scarf | Hat | Flats | Purse | Sunglasses
Outfit 6 – Black Tank | Skirt | Coat | Boots | Watch | Clutch
Outfit 7 – Knit Sweater | Black Pants | Cape | Knit Scarf | Rainboots | Umbrella | Clutch
Outfit 8 – Striped Sweater | Black Jeans | Coat | Flats | Sunglasses | Purse
Outfit 9 – White T-shirt | Blue Jeans | Oversized Sweater | Patterned Scarf | Flats | Watch | Purse
Outfit 10 – Knit Dress | Black Pants | Cuyana Cape | Hat | Watch | Rainboots | Clutch
Outfit 11 – Knit Sweater | Black Jeans | Cuyana Cape | Patterned Scarf | Boots | Hat | Purse
Outfit 12 – Blouse | Striped Sweater | Skirt | Flats | Sunglasses | Clutch 

Last post I mentioned how Edinburgh, Scotland ranks number one on the list of places I want to live. I have always had a draw to it for as long as I remember and I don’t know why. Aside from the history and the beauty I can’t really explain it, it has just always been there. I even love the sound of bagpipes, maybe I lived there in another life. I am also drawn to historic novels set in Edinburgh/Scotland. Have you watched Outlander (which is set in Scotland)? I first read the book way back around 1996 when I was a teenager and have been a fan since. When I saw they were making a television series I was thrilled, and after watching it I can’t wait for season 2. I digress, but it also coincides with my draw to Scotland.

I said that this was my favourite packing light list so far and I meant it. The clothes just scream fashionable comfort. Outfits that can easily and comfortably be worn walking around the city, but are versatile enough that with a few slight adjustments in hair, accessories, and/or shoes night looks are easily achieved. I made 12 outfits, but could seriously build many more because just by changing the coats, shoes, scarves, or accessories around you can get completely different looks. By pairing the skirt with the striped sweater it looks more casual, by tucking in the white blouse it takes it to dressy. I paired the knit dress with the fitted black pants to make it look like an oversized sweater. The Cuyana Cape is one of my favourite pieces and you can wear it in several different ways to change-up your look. There are so many options if you open your mind and let your creativity flow.

Did you like this list? And do you watch or read Outlander? I am looking for a new series to read so if you have any suggestions I would be grateful. I am open to anything but generally prefer stories set in Medieval Europe. Medieval mysteries are one of my favourite genres.

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  1. I’m so excited to plan my trip to Scotland…. and absolutely LOVE this list. Unfortunately
    a few of the links I clicked on sent to beautiful items that are sold out! Any suggestions of places to get the green pleated maxi skirt and oversized sweater. Thanks!

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