Packing Light Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Trip Packing Light Packing List

Black Tank | White T-shirt | Loose Blouse | White Blouse | Knit Top | Pullover
Oversized Sweater | Cardigan/Cape | Knit Dress | SkirtBlue Denim
Black/Grey DenimBlack Pants | Long Cape | Wool Coat | Patterned Scarf | Knit Scarf
Watch | Sunglasses | Wool Hat | Umbrella | Small Bag | Large Purse
Flats | Boots | Rainboots 

She calls to me like a Siren. I find myself daydreaming about it, studying it, and reading about it. Edinburgh, Scotland is known as Auld Reekie (which is Middle Scots for Old Smokey) because of the columns of smoke that would fill the air due to the buildings being heated by coal fires. The nickname may not bring forth beautiful visuals but don’t let that fool you. Scotland is a history mecca like many/most european cities and has thousands of historic sites and destinations. Its settlement is traced back to the early middle ages and Arthur’s Seat is known as one of the first sites of human habitation in the area, and is often mentioned as one of the possible locations of Camelot.

Edinburgh is like two cities in one. The castle stands high above the Old Town which consists of narrow alleyways and rows of buildings. It dates from the Medieval time period. The Royal Mile is a popular destination for tourists and is also found in the Old Town. The New Town is elegant and has both neo-classical and the Georgian period architecture of the 18th century. Both towns together form part of a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Edinburgh is a temperate maritime climate and is a great place to visit at any time of the year, unless you specifically loathe rain.  The summers are moderate and the winters are mild (not below freezing) and  while rainfall is consistent all year round, Edinburgh is one of the drier cities in Scotland. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t rain, it is notably still wetter than many UK cities that are south.  It just means you need to pack an umbrella instead of a boat.

I don’t know exactly why, but this packing light list is my favourite so far. It might be because Edinburgh is my top place for where I want to move, or because Scottish accents are my favourite. The colours of this wardrobe are deep, wintry, and comforting. The clothes look cozy and warm for walking in the rain. I can picture myself sitting beside a warm fire, enjoying a nice meal and drinks.

Most of the pieces I included are knit or made for layering because rain brings a dampness that can chill you easily. I included a pair of packable rain boots that you can fold down to fit in a suitcase easily. I thought it made sense to bring a pair since Hunter Boots are manufactured in Scotland. I plan on buying a pair of black packable Hunter rain boots as the next pair that I get. I also included a long wool coat to keep the body dry and protect from the wind. The camel coloured Cuyana Cape is high on my wish list right now and I included it because it represents that warmth aspect I was looking for when I built this list. This may look like there are a lot of pieces but you would pick the heaviest/bulkiest items off this list to wear on the plane to lighten your suitcase. That way you end up packing only 11 cloth items, 2 shoes and some accessories. Suggested airport outfit is at the bottom of this post. All of theses pieces are easily paired into a multitude of different outfits that I will post on Sunday. I hope you enjoy this packing list as much as I do.

Edit: The outfit options for this list are found in this post.

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Edinburgh Airport Outfit Options


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