Spring/Summer Capsule Round up – Most Worn Items

Spring Summer Capsule Worm Pieces


Last post I talked about the 6 pieces that I did not wear much during this capsule season. This post is the opposite. I am going to highlight what pieces I wore the most and why I think that was. My whole capsule had 38 pieces but I probably rotated 10 pieces way more often than the rest of them. Also I am going to admit to you that I did not get dressed every single day. I am a stay at home mom. Picking and planning an outfit every single day is not top of my priority list. I tend to wear leggings and old band tees a lot of days because a) I workout and usually stay in them if I am not going anywhere and b) it is a lot more comfortable to cook and clean in leggings than a put together outfit. Who doesn’t love wearing an old Iron Maiden Tee anyway?

Here is the breakdown of the items I wore most frequently. I know, who cares? But this helps me figure out what types of things I wear more often, what is more versatile, and how I could save money by getting items that fit my lifestyle more that fit my “ideal” thoughts on how I should dress.

1. Grey Pullover – This was a good buy. I love the way it fits. I love the way it’s easy to layer, or throw on when it is a little cooler. The longer hem in the back is one of may favourites too because it covers up a slightly untoned ass.

2. Distressed Jeans – I think because I don’t like to wear shorts I probably wore these jeans more often because the holes made them breezier 😉 I probably should have sized down in them because they are one of those stretch-out-a-size-larger-after-wearing-them kind of jean. I enjoy their casualness although I am sure they won’t survive too many seasons.

3. Black T-shirt – simple, quick, goes with everything, and made out of an airy linen which gives it a more “expensive” look that a regular tee.

4. Dark Denim – easy to dress up and dress down. They fit well and don’t stretch out of shape too bad. One of my staple jeans for two years now.

5. Kimono Top – this purchase was an impulse buy to be honest but it really was a good purchase. Worn open over a tank it is more casual, tied is dressier. The colours were fairly neutral and it goes well with both denim and black pants. I am tempted to wear it over a dress and see how that works out.

6. Black Tank – I wear this top for layering under sweaters, and jackets, or on its own. It is simple, comfortable but can wrinkle pretty bad so I always make sure to keep it hung.

These were the six pieces that were the most heavily rotated in my wardrobe. If I were to add one more it would be my sandals, but that would be pretty obvious since it is summer. If you are interested in where any of these items were bought you can go to the “What I am Wearing Now” post in the sidebar.

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