Spring /Summer Capsule Round Up – Unworn Items

It is that time of the year that the summer season is coming to and end and I have taken a few moments to reflect on my capsule for this season. I decided to go through my wardrobe and lay out the items that didn’t get any or much use. In hindsight I could have got away with a smaller capsule but it was my first and it’s a learning curve. I also didn’t know how windy it was in this area (the condos and tall buildings make a wind vortex) so dresses and skirts of certain lengths weren’t really comfortable. I mean, who likes to walk down the road holding their dress down. You can’t really do that when you have a 4-year-old who is constantly on the move. These are the six pieces that got little to no use from my summer capsule, could have easily been cut out and the reasons I think that was.

Spring Summer Capsule Unworn Pieces

1. Dressy Tank – I think I only wore this once and that was around the house. It is nice, fits well, and is overall flattering but my favourite bra is black. It’s that simple. I didn’t want black straps hanging out so I tended to avoid this top. Plus I am a spiller. If it is white, I will probably stain it within minutes of putting it on.

2. Grey maxi – It is not very figure flattering in this colour. I probably should have bought it in black instead of grey because the grey shows every part of your body that you may have self conscious feelings about. I think that every item you wear should make you feel good, and if you are uncomfortable or self conscience at all then it is going to reflect that.

3. Printed Cardigan – it’s simply too hot right now. When the temperature was slightly cooler I found myself choosing to wear pullovers instead of cardigans.

4. Denim shorts – there was a reason why my summer capsule only had one pair of shorts and that was because I do not like to wear them. The only time I have worn these was down to the pool.

5. Wrap dress – I actually love this dress but I let a friend borrow it and have yet to get it back. I probably would have worn it a lot more if I had it.

6. Black cardigan – Like the printed cardigan above, I wasn’t really into cardigans this summer which is weird because I usually am. This one though would have been nice to wear over dresses if I had worn them more often.

That’s it. Those were the pieces that got little to no rotation in my summer capsule. They could have easily been omitted, but overall I didn’t do too bad with choosing my pieces this season.

Next post is my top 6 pieces that received the most wear this season in my next blog post. If you are curious of where to find any of these items just go to the “What I am Wearing now” post in the sidebar.

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