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capsule wardrobe outfit of the day 4 #ootd

Casual grocery shopping wear is my outfit of the day. It is one of my go-to looks, simple layers, my favourite black boots, coral lips, and a side braid half-tucked under a straw fedora.

One of my favourite things is when you spend time to meal plan for the week, you write out a list of everything you need, then go through the flyers and see where the best place to shop based on your list/plan is only to have the plan fall apart on you. It’s a lot of work try to meal plan, keeping within a strict budget and still providing your family with some semblance of variety.

You go to the store with a pretty detailed map pf what your plan of attack is going to be. Everything you need grouped into categories so that you shop smart and orderly. You have a budget and you know a ballpark of what this will cost you. You have the calculator on your phone open so you can keep a tally, then you walk up to the cashier fairly confident in your purchases only to feel like someone punched you in the gut when she tells you the grand total. That happened to me today.

Last week we spent $230 on groceries. That isn’t the norm but we have bought the minimum of what we need every week for a  few weeks so we were due for a big shop. This week I figured we would only need to spend $40-$50 as a top up from last week. So you can imagine my surprise when the cashier told me it was $83.

I have no fucking idea how I manage to do this so often. I usually blame it on Tom putting things in  the cart when I am not looking (like those $10 pepperoni that he deems are a necessity). Maybe it was because the kids kept fighting and I missed entering some numbers in my calculator. Or that it was so damn busy I was more concerned about getting out of there alive than what was going in my basket, but dammit it is so frustrating. I thought I was safe shopping late on Sunday afternoon, but apparently everyone else had the same idea. I kind of felt like I needed a Xanax after that trip.

capsule wardrobe outfit of the day 4 #ootd

Straw Fedora | Black Tank | Pullover Sweater | Jeans | Moto Boots | Purse | Watch

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