Forgetfulness and Outfit of the Day 3

Outfit of the Day 3 #ootd

Grey Tank Top | Kimono Top (similar) | Jeans | Sandals (similar) | Watch

This is outfit of the day 3. I describe this outfit as my “hurry and run to the store before I get pissed on by rain” outfit. My hair is in my go-to braid and I am wearing sandals when in fact I should once again be wearing my rain boots. An emergency hair elastic on my wrist and a watch complete the outfit ūüėČ My kimono top is black instead of white because it is from several years ago so a similar one¬†is linked below.

My intention was¬†to buy a stamp to mail something that has sat on my computer desk for weeks, that I keep forgetting to buy a stamp for. Anytime I remember to buy a stamp is usually¬†on a Sunday when the post office is closed so I can’t get one. And guess what I forgot to buy when we went out? The stamp. We ended up buying smoothies and wandering the mall instead. Hopefully I will remember tomorrow when we go get an oil change. As luck has it I got coupons in the mail today for $10 off an oil change at Mr. Lube. Apparently he universe is trying to give me a break, so things are looking up in my world ūüėČ



This is my smirking trying to take a picture before my kid runs out in front of me for the 30th time photo. It literally took at least 25 times to get this not so great picture because she kept photo bombing. I also believe there is white fluff on my ankle from the unknown white fluff incident this week. This crap seems to be turning up stuck to everything. After I did yoga yesterday it was all over my tights and in my hair. I’m glad that the picture is such shit quality because I am in dire need of painting my toenails (which I hate doing so tend to wear boots to hide them) and you can’t really see them in all their horrendous glory. Finally, Merle decided today was draw tattoos on mom day so you can see yellow and orange marker on my foot. ¬†Forgetfulness + Marker Tattoos =¬†Just a regular day for a mom.


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