Mental Frustration and Yoga Inspiration


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I mentioned in a earlier post that I fell off the fitness wagon and was having trouble getting back on. When my rib healed I realized I didn’t have any more excuses except always feeling extremely tired an unmotivated. I have this sleeping issue where I don’t fall into a truly deep sleep until 5-6 am so when I get out of bed I am usually coming out of the deepest part of my sleep and I feel zombie like for most of the day. I sometimes wonder if it is a medical issue because tied with the extreme fatigue I also have memory issues. It’s like a fog has settled over my brain and it’s really difficult to remember and concentrate these days. It’s very disheartening. After talking to my friends it seems like it is a normal side effect of motherhood but man, it is getting so frustrating. I used to pride myself on my excellent memory, yesterday I put an empty measuring cup in the microwave twice in a row trying to heat some water. So I am hoping that by upping my Omega 3’s and exercising more will help to cut out some of this fog and boost my energy levels.

Two weeks ago I was in the middle of a yoga sequence doing a downward dog and I got a sharp pain in my left chest area. It hurt so bad that it literally took my breath away and I had to lay down on my mat trying to breathe slowly because it hurt to even blink. I thought maybe my rib broke again and I punctured a lung, but it became obvious that wasn’t the case when I didn’t suffocate and die. I was in my room which was great because I didn’t want to frighten the kids with suddenly dropping down and not moving. Luckily after several minutes it dissipated but it really scared the shit out of me. I haven’t had a repeat episode since and I think it was probably just a muscle thing though frightening never-the-less.

On Instagram and other social media outlets I follow the Two Fit Moms Laura Kasperzak  (@laurasykora) and Masumi Goldman (@masumi_g). I first noticed them on Instagram where I saw Laura’s incredible yoga pictures that she took with her daughter, and from there I became a fan. They are truly yoga inspiration. A few weeks ago I purchased their downloadable lessons Two Fit Moms Yoga: It’s Never Too Late on iTunes and I love them. They are my current focus as I slowly get back into yoga. It incorporates a morning and night-time flow, balance, backbend, and inversions episodes. Each on is a little over 20 minutes and works up a nice stretch and sweat. The only issue I have is that my bedroom is kind of small to do most yoga moves so when I bring it out to the living room Merle my 4-year-old doesn’t leave me alone. She starts of being cute by trying the poses beside me, then she gets bored and starts sticking crayons between my toes, rolling them down my back when I am in downward dog and laying under me when I am in plank. Nothing like trying to do Chaturanga with a kid on your back.

I have started to re-watched Sex and the City again from season 1 and I just realized that I am the same age as Sarah Jessica Parker was when she played Carrie Bradshaw. I am blown away over what an incredible body she has/had on the show, still has for that matter. I noticed that she is smaller so I googled her height and saw that she is almost the same height and weight as me except she is proportioned way better than I am. I will admit I am jealous. I also read that she was a huge yoga fan so I hope that it is that beneficial to shaping my body. Can yoga tone and strengthen your body without adding any other type of exercise? I would rather not have to add anything else and just focus on yoga because it always feels so good, but at 35 I also want to have that ass I have never had and get rid of the excess baby pooch that I do have. I have searched this question across the internet and have yet to come up with a satisfying answer. So does anyone have any experience with changing their bodies through yoga alone?



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