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For the first week of January the weather has been insane. I seem to recall every single New Year’s Eve was brutally cold, but this year it rained. Today was almost 10°C and sunny, feeling much more like spring than winter. I hope this is a trend for the rest of the season.

I went to the mall today in hopes of returning a couple of things that I bought in the Zara sale but the lineup was so insane that we immediately turned and left. I’ll try next week when everyone is back at work and school. I can’t believe that people are still hitting the sale that hard.    

I’ve tried to make better food choices for the house recently, so I do some of our grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Just small things like treats and stuff so they are healthier than our usual selections. I can’t imagine doing all the shopping there though because damn it’s expensive. They always have great cheese samples though, so it almost makes it worthwhile 😉 

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

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A Guide for Packing the KonMari way.

This City Has the Most Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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