Basic Holiday Party Outfit Formulas

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Even if you are an introvert, you probably have at least one holiday party or get together that you plan to attend this holiday season. Holiday parties like all parties can range from very casual to pretty swanky (these ideas won’t really help you with swanky though), there is even the ugly Christmas Sweater party. There are so many ugly sweaters to choose this season. 

My outfit formulas are based on basic pieces that everyone has some combination of in their wardrobe. Because who wants to run out and buy something new if you can put together something from pieces that you already own. Right?

The formulas are based on these four key pieces:

  1. A structured blazer
  2. Black turtleneck
  3. Faux leather pants
  4. A nice black sweater

Each of key piece is then shown with the outfit options branching off of them. After the outfit is chosen you pick a pair of shoes that will work for the scene (heeled booties, black flat boots, heels, or flats), and a clutch (black or bold). To finish it off the look select some jewelry like either simple or statement earrings, a necklace, or bracelets

Outfit formulas

Breathe life in to your wardrobe by coming up with some creative holiday outfits from what you already have. 

Happy Party Season!


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