What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a yellow shirtdress, woven circle bag, and Madewell sandals

I am wearing a black jumpsuit, a leather jacket, and Madewell sandals

I am wearing an oversized white blousingrey skinny jeans, a woven circle purse, and Madewell sandals

I am wearing a Rebel Rebel Bowie tee, a button skirt, small circle purse, and Madewell sandals

Outfit 1 – Yellow Dress (similar) | Circle Purse | Sandals |
Outfit 2 – Jumpsuit (similar) | Leather Jacket | Watch | Black Purse (similar)| Sandals |
Outfit 3 – Oversized White Blouse | Grey Jeans | Watch | Woven Purse | Sandals |
Outfit 4 – Rebel Rebel Tee | Skirt old (similar) | Watch | Small Circle Purse | Sandals |


I’m going to start this off by asking if any of you have a cat who likes to eat cords? Primarily phone charging cords. I can’t leave any cords unattended here because the minute you turn your back he is on it. It is getting expensive having to replace them all the time, especially if it is a laptop cord (don’t even get me started how ticked Tom gets when the cat eats his cord). We try to keep them covered at all times so you will see a lot of dish towels, scarves, blankets, and pillows in random spots to cover them. I don’t know what to do about it? Is there even a solution?

What a long day. We went to the outlet mall because Tom was looking for some new shoes for work. I thought the point of outlet stores was to get things cheaper. Apparently not because everything that I liked seemed to be the same price than if I bought it in a regular store. It was pissing me off. We just go home at 8 pm tonight after being out all day and I still had to make dinner albeit super late:/  Nothing like ending the weekend in a rushed panic to get things done.

Tom loved his hideous Father’s Day gift as we knew he would since he dropped the hints about it. I want to say though, that I am slightly peeved at Amazon because they shipped it in a padded envelope vs a box and the box got damaged. It’s not super big deal to  me, but Tom collects these things and having nice, undamaged packaging is part of it They need to do a little better with that. It reminds me of the Harry Potter collector editions House colours books that I bought Roo. They have matte covers and I received them with greasy fingerprints all over that I couldn’t get off (anyone know how to remove those?). I wasn’t the only one that it happened to either because the reviews were full of people complaining about their books in the same condition.

I won $100 on the lottery this week so woohoo! Off to a good start 😉

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  1. Sara, I love your style! Thanks for inspiring women of all ages to be fashion fresh. At 55, I’m gaining great fashion insight from you, and your tips will help me pack for an August trip to Europe without breaking the bank. Timeless pieces with a trendy twist will be a great investment. 😍

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing this, it gives me the motivation I need to keep going 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic trip!


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