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I worked out 4 time this week, and on the day I didn’t exercise we managed to all 10,000 steps (and discovered a new park) so high-five for me 😉 In reality this should have been a habit for me for at least the last 10 years. I remember after Roo was born I was determined to get on a work out regime and got suckered in to buying several Beach Body infomercial workouts. It was the mid 2000s so online workout videos weren’t really a thing. It was either the gym or DVD’s. Since I abhor the gym, DVD’s it was. I think my first two were Windsor Pilates, and Yoga Booty Ballet. I saw zero results from either but I guarantee if I would have got myself in to a better routine and exercise habit 13 years ago, then I wouldn’t be having this much difficulty today.

June is Pride month and a lot of retailers are putting out clothing. I included a few of them above just in case you are looking for something to wear to show your support.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

How to Get Your Body Caftan Ready for Summer 🙂

If you ever wanted to walk through a Van Gogh painting here is your chance.

I know it’s only June but Merle has decided on her Halloween costume. To be honest this is late for her, she usually has some ideas right after Trick-or-treating. She has chosen Luna Lovegood in this image. I was actually able to find a yard of the same fabric they use for her skirt online here. We already have the Spectra specs, the Quibbler, and the wand which I bought for Roo for various birthdays and holidays. 

This Twitter story is hilarious. Read through it all. #catdad

I’m an introvert so here is a good one. Four Reason Why Introverts Make Good leaders.

Also on Twitter: 27 Funny Tweets by Women this Week. Number Two is my favourite.

World War II’s Most Dangerous Allied  Spy Was a Woman With a Wooden Leg. I love to read stories like this, especially about heroic women.

Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Swear According to Science. I’m a potty mouth so my kids have heard swears for their whole lives. It’s nice to have science backing me on something that many look at as a vulgar fault 😉

And just because. Animals sitting on Capybaras.

You wouldn’t believe it. Roo has officially cleaned the shit out of her room. Like top to bottom, and not crammed into the closet or under the bed type of clean. And all because she wants me to buy her an additional pack for her video game for $13.49. I’d say that worked out in my favour. 

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  1. My mom has been volunteering at her local LGBT center for the better part of a decade now, and works at their big Pride Fest every June. They’ve had several queens from Drag Race as host, the first one was Pandora Boxx (who’s still one of my favorites). This year is Laganja Estranja. I have requested photos. 😀

    • Good for her! That’s so amazing, and inspiring. I’d be totally requesting photos too, it sounds like such a good time.

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