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First off we went to see A Wrinkle in Time and it was really good. There were some changes and modernization but all in all they stuck to the book and it was nice and inspiring. Not a fluff movie and I hope that girls watch it and are inspired too.

I am feeling yellowish at the moment¬†because I am impatiently waiting for the daffodils and tulips to start poking through. I need some colour outside. I made no new purchases this week…..well, except for my Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation from Sephora. I always cringe at the price but it’s the only foundation that I have ever tried that stays on my face all day. I really love it. I even got my mom using it. Yesterday I had several Asos jumpsuits in my basket but I didn’t go through with any of the purchases because the exchange rate pisses me off, so back to the drawing board ūüėČ

Side note: I am still waiting for the purse I ordered to come into stock. It’s driving me nuts and I should have bought it straight from the retailer instead of preordering through Revolve. It serves me right for trying to save money on shipping.


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Weekly Finds:

    1. Cone Denim Super High Rise Crop Straight Jean – I’ve tried these on in the full length/ankle skimming style and they were great.
    2. Crochet handbag from Zara. I love the colour and the granny knit look to this bag. It would be a great statement bag to carry. Zara always has the best bags (and shoes).
    3. Puma Suede Classic Archive Sneaker.
    4. Rebecca Minkoff Women’s Cult Hoop Earrings. I have tried to get back into large earrings again. It’s been years since I have worn them.
    5. Classic Polka Dot wrap dress from H&M. I love the style of this classic dress. It comes in red which I make actually like better. I hear is fits small so size up.
    6. Gap High Rise Chinos with Belt. These completely remind me of the Pink Ladies from Grease.
    7. H&M Cotton Rug with Printed Motif. I love the snake  design on this. It kind of reminds me of the Gucci print.
    8. Hanging Plater in yellow. It has a retro feel to me and would add a nice burst of colour to a room.
    9. Denim Kimono from & Other Stories. This kind of like mine and I love it. I am so excited that these are in style now.
    10. Anthropologie Classic Countryside Mural. This is a wall mural that looks like a fresco painting and I want it so effing badly.
    11. Rock ‘N’ Rose Rock N Rose Bright Yellow String Shopper Bag. I am all about a cute and stylish reusable bag (perfect colour).
    12. H&M Patterned Duvet Cover Set. A super cute fruit print duvet cover for kids for $29.
    13. Free People Torrence Flat Sandal. These caught my eye big time, the colour, the style, and the price (Only $68).
    14. MANGO Printed pyjama-style shirt. I am a big fan of this style of blouse, but this one stands out because of the print and colour.
    15. H&M Wooden Bowls. These nesting bowls are super cute and only $17.99 for a set of three.
    16. H&M Ankle-length Pants in a fabulous floral print. They are perfect for spring.
    17. A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. This is the book I was talking about above from John Oliver.
    18. H&M Printed Hooded Sweatshirt because we all know that I am a sucker for a band shirt and this sweatshirt is only $24.99.
    19. Zara Slides in a fabulous yellow print fabric. They add a nice bit of colour to any outfit.
    20. Asos Stripe Straw Mini Shopper Bag With Bamboo Handle. Another great bag for summer. This one is a pretty colourful woven pattern.
    21. J.Crew Cap Sleeve top in Cotton Poplin. A pretty little summer staple piece and comes in three colours.
    22. Don’t be a d**k socks. These socks are hilariously perfect for me.
    23. Madewell Blouson-Sleeve Top is perfect for spring and is marked down to $29 from $88.

My husband called me at 9:30 pm to tell me that someone from work was crashing here tonight, so I had to do that panic induced clean up. Should I be¬†annoyed that he let me know at that time or appreciative that my¬†living room and bathroom look clean now? It’s a¬†tough one to decide.¬†

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