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Weekly Reads and Finds sales and discounts Jungle Fever Feb 16 2018

My two new shirts came in the mail today and I am thrilled with them. I was little concerned with not being able to try them on since H&M can have weird sizing. These shirts ran in 2, 4, 6, 8…. number sizes vs the s, m, l, so I was debating the size. Since I 99.9% of the time take a small in their tops I checked their size chart and opted for the 6 instead of the 4 I was leaning towards because they listed 2-4 as xs, and 6-8 as small, and I am glad that I did. While I probably could have got away with a smaller size in the wrap shirt, the black lace top has no give the to the fabric and a 6 fits perfect. I can’t wait to integrate them in to my wardrobe.

This week I was feeling animal/jungle inspired for my picks. I always think that I would love to have a very Scandinavian decor inspired house and then I see these bold prints, colours, and patterns and think that I would love to have them everywhere. Maybe I can find a nice balance between the two, but I just really have a thing for jungle cat prints. Speaking of, have you seen this Gucci wallpaper? I would LOVE to have a wall of this (or maybe this one or this one from Anthropologie). I haven’t wallpapered anything since my mom let me do a room makeover when I was 12 or so. I think I am due for a wallpaper fest 😉


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

    • Stop Shaming Women for Spending Money. “When Hillary Clinton gets a $600 haircut, she’s an out-of-touch narcissist. But Donald Trump can literally coat his entire home in gold and still be taken for a man of the people.” So true and so obnoxiously sad.
    • And this is why I make sure that my kids get a good foundation of phonics. I also fill the house with great books to be read aloud by me or solo (for Roo). I think being exposed to these books at a really young age helped to make her a voracious reader.
    • I really love soups and even better I love soups that are homemade with minimal ingredients so I am stoked to try some of these Healthy, 5-Ingredient (or Less) Soup Recipes to Make This Winter.
    • This new show Everything Sucks! looks good. I was 16 in 1996 so it kind of really resonates.
    • Why oh why can’t someone come and organize and meal prep my fridge to like this? Any volunteers?

Weekly Finds:

        1. H&M has some really great pillows for $9.99 like this tiger print.
        2. I love have storage bins like this all over the place to hide the crap and clutter.
        3. It’s getting to the season for summer hats and this raffia sun hat from 7 For All Mankind is one sale for $45.
        4. This circle purse is so cute with a woven sun design on the front.
        5. Stripes forever in this blazer. You can channel Beetlejuice while wearing it 😉
        6. These red shoes remind me of The Wizard of Oz minus the sparkle. They are awesome.
        7. I love how you can find cool sweatshirts everywhere now. I love the leaf print on this one (it also comes in other prints) and it is on sale for $17.99.
        8. A twist to a classic loafer, this pair is made from raffia with a polka dot design.
        9. These wooden plates come in both a natural wood, as well as a dark finish and are only $9.99.
        10. When I saw these jeans I instantly loved them. They are everything I look for in a jean, and this weekend J.Crew is 30% off.
        11. Espadrilles are the iconic summer shoe. I prefer a flat pair over a wedge and these stripes would fit nicely in my wardrobe.
        12. A military look added to a trench. I love the edgy flare that it gives the classic piece.
        13. Add touch of colour to your outfit with these cute yellow, palm print socks from Anthropologie.
        14. A touch of wild to your kitchen with this leopard mug (a zebra print is also available).
        15. We used to have one of these hanging baskets in our kitchen when I was a kid and I loved it.
        16. This purse fit perfectly for my jungle theme this week. It’s fabulous.
        17. This is Merle’s favourite colour. I swear we have 6 yellow blankets floating around that all belong to her.
        18. This black wooden bowl looks a lot more expensive than it is. I love pieces like this
        19. What do you think of these frog earrings? I think I kind of really love them.
        20. These plates are soooo cute. I have one llama lover and one cat lover so they would be perfect.
        21. Soeur Women’s Vendredi Tote Bag handcrafted from woven raffia and is the perfect spring/summer accessory.
        22. A large jute storage basket from H&M for only $17.99 They have really been hitting it out of the park with one goods.
        23. Some fabulous cat eye sunglasses from Kenneth Cole that are on sale for $24.97.
        24. These tapestry mules from Urban Outfitters are on sale for $19. They also come in a blue tapestry which is also awesome.
        25. I have a thing for beautiful rugs. It’s probably because mine is so old, beaten up, and ugly 😉 This one caught my eye when I was scrolling through and comes in a few dimensions.

Are you more of a Scandinavian design or jungle fever sort of person? 

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