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Black blouse | boyfriend jeans | sock boots | what I wore | livelovesara

Oversized sweater | Leather jacket | grey jeans | Adidas | what I wore | livelovesara

Oversized cardigan | bowie t-shirt | grey jeans | sorels | beanie | what I wore | livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Black Blouse | girlfriend jeans | socks boots | purse |
Outfit 2 – Oversized sweater (similar) | Leather Jacket | Grey jeans | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Bowie T-shirt | grey jeans | Oversized cardigan | Beanie | Sorels | Purse |


Christmas vacation is officially over and shit is about to get real. Not really, but I hope that I can kick things in to gear. I have felt so off schedule for the past several weeks with Tom home from work and no clear cut routine. It felt like chaos, because I do much better with even a little bit of a routine. Now Tom is back to work and the kids back to school, so things should fall back in to routine fairly easily *fingers crossed*.

The cold snap is over and we can finally go outside without feeling like our skin is going to freeze off in some polar vortex 😉 so errands will be slightly more delightful. The new workout regime begins in the morning, and I hope I can walk after. I am only committing to a 3 week program, then after that I will pick another, then another etc. It is easier for me to sign on to something when I know there is an “ending” than to say I will exercise 5 days a week for the rest of my life. Does that make sense? It’s like I can trick my brain into following through because follow through is one of my problems.

Anyone else wait until the last hours of holidays to complete everything they said they were going to? Today was jam-packed with trying to get done all the crap I have procrastinated over.

Did you hit the Zara sale that was going on? I had a few things in my basket but they weren’t things I needed, only things I wanted because they were on sale. I did get Merle a cute oversized cardigan since it was something I wanted to get her but didn’t want to pay full price, and a pair of crushed velvet leggings for $5. I must say that I am thankful that we found those Joan of Arctic Sorel’s because I wore the hell out of them these past two weeks and my feet were not cold no matter how freezing it was out. Now my legs were another story….

Here is to a hopefully productive and successful week back. (that’s the pessimist in me coming out). 

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  1. I’m a sucker for a product with a clever or funny name. I can’t count how many times I’ve purchased a lipstick or nail polish based on the color name. Basically what I’m saying is I need those Sorels.

    • Yes! Clever names suck me in all the time. I love a little wit and creativity in a product.

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