What to Pack for San Francisco, California Outfit Options

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I’m not sure what anyone else’s house looks like, but mine has the after Christmas, present explosion glow to it. Every surface it covered in the girls new stuff and I’m having a bit of a storage issue. We went to Ikea a couple of days ago for a picture frame. I know. No one ever goes to Ikea for one thing and comes out with one thing and we didn’t, but we didn’t manage to keep it around $65. The damage would have been much worse if we ended up buying everything that we wanted. Anyway, walking through Ikea always makes me realize how terrible I am at optimizing this space for storage. Our Ikea has had a big renovation and now they have a “neighbourhood” of living spaces that are fully organized and decorated. And by neighbourhood I mean they set it up to make it look like you are walking down a street with house exteriors, front doors, and windows. It was pretty cool. I’d like to take one complete set up and bring it home 😉

Last post I had What to Pack for San Francisco, California packing list and today I took those pieces and put together 18 travel outfits from them. The trip is for 10 days but with these options you can see that the original list will work for a much longer trip if you have access to laundry.  There are enough options here that you should have no issues figuring out what to wear for any outing. Versatile pieces, and footwear, make piecing together outfits a breeze as long you plan your outfits in advance to make sure that the packing list will work. Pre planning, and versatile pieces are key to keeping it as light as possible. Which is probably what you are looking to do if you found your way to this post 😉

Are you as storage inept as I am? 😉

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