What I Wore This Week

What I wore this week: Grey oversized sweater, grey jeans, sock boots

What I wore this week: vintage mickey t-shirt, checked blazer, faux leather pants, and red Adidas

What I wore this week: Camel Coat, camel sweater, beanie, grey jeans, and Adidas

What I wore this week: Sorel Joan of Arctic boots

Outfit 1 – Oversized sweater | Black t-shirt | Grey Jeans | Sock Boots | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Distressed Mickey T-shirt | Check Blazer (similar) | Faux Leather Leggings | Red Adidas (similar) | Watch | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Camel Sweater | Camel Coat | Grey Jeans | Grey Beanie | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 4 – New but second-hand Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots


I wasn’t sure if I was going to get what I wore out this week…..or any other actually, but I had some downtime in between cooking yesterday while Tom was fiddling with his bass and the girls were playing with their new stuff so I thought I would at least try.

How was your Christmas (if you celebrate)? I can’t believe it’s over. So much hype, then boom it’s over within minutes it seems. Tom and I made a promise to spend only a small amount on each other this year but the sneaky bugger did more. First off he and the girls bought me another Ludo Funko Pop and then spray painted it gold to make it look super awesome, and looks great on my desk. Then he went out Christmas Eve day under the guise of needing to find to find a new coffee grinder and bought me a Nirvana record (still my favourite band) and an animal print jacket…….and it’s awesome.  So now I finally have one and I am happy as shit. Side note: He said couldn’t find a grinder but found a small blender thing that seems to work. I think he saw this and decided it would work instead, so now we have Darth Vader to grind our coffee.

Funny story with the record. When he bought it there were two youngish girls working the cash and they were all like, “We love this band! They are soooo vintage.” Tom was like, “yeah my wife was a fan when he was still alive.” Way to make me feel vintage :/

Another couple of purchases this past week were another pair of Sorels scored at Value Village. This time it was the Joan of Arctic style and they look brand new. They were the best deal in a long time. I also had an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket so when I was in Hotopic and fell in love with this shirt I searched it online and found this one on Amazon so used the card on that. I get white really dirty anyway so grey is a better choice for me.

It was a great Christmas. Now I have tons of Lego sets and things to help build today. 

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  1. Love your Sorels and animal print coat, Sara! Looks like you scored for Christmas overall. Kudos to Tom. Did he like what you got him? How about the girls, were they surprised, happy?

    We actually had the best Christmas in a long time. The games I got Mr K/us were a blast, and we have two more to open today. I made french toast for breakfast and roast chicken et al for dinner. It all came out perfectly. Plus, Mr K got me the perfect gifts, 3 different sets of dark chocolate caramels, and a Panetone. Yippee! We had so much fun that we’re extending the celebration through this week.

    Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks! I really scored when we found them in the second hand store. I wasn’t sure if I would get lucky twice in the boot department.

      I love the jacket and am excited to wear it (it’s bloody cold right now is it has to wait).

      I’m glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas. You both earned it after you’re hard year, and I thoroughly enjoy edible gifts so good job Mr. K!

      I hope your extended celebrations is perfect.

      Happy New Years to you and Mr. K, Ardith!

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