What I Wore This Week

All grey, oversized cardigan, grey jeans, and Adidas superstar

Grey sweater, leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and converse

led zeppelin tee, band jacket, and an obi belt

Check Blazer, Cher tee, distressed jeans, and Frye Engineer Boots

Guns 'n' roses tee, oversized cardigan, cropped jeans, and sock boots

Outfit 1 – Oversized grey sweater • Zara (sold out but similar) | Grey sweater | Grey Jeans | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Grey lace up sweater | Leather Jacket | Black Jeans (only $9.99) | Converse | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Band tee (sold out but here in black) | Band Jacket (similar here and here) | Obi belt |
Outfit 4 – Checked Blazer (similar) | Cher Tee (similar) | Jeans | Frye Boots | Purse |
Outfit 5 – Guns n roses tee | Oversized cardigan | Cropped jeans | Sock boots | Purse |


I have decided this week is all about catching up on the shit that I had fallen behind in. Tom is done work for the holidays this Friday which means that he will be home ongoing until the new year. Not to point any fingers but I swear to god the house gets a million times messier when he is home so my intention is to get it in good working order for the holidays. I have also warned the girls that they need to get their stuff figured out in their room or else there will not be any room for Christmas stuff. I bought a lot of things that will add to their collections so they need to get their shelves into a neat organized manner to make room. It’s like spring cleaning in December.

I also want to get this blog in better working order. I think it is probably time for a new look/template but I have been scared of doing it because a) change scares me a bit, and b) I am terrified that I am totally going to mess up everything and will have no idea how to fix it. I am nowhere near wealthy enough to be able to afford someone to do this for me, nor for someone to fix it if I eff it up. So I am entirely on my own and while I am pretty technology literate I am by no means to the level of web design, or knowing why something may not be working. So I am on the lookout for a new blog look. I will probably shop at Pipdig because I have seen and liked a lot of their designs on bloggers that I have read, and they are very affordable. I mean who has the money to drop a few thousand on their fashion blog (I know lots of people do but why would you want to)? When I will do this I haven’t decided yet 😉

Were you able to find any good deals over the past couple of weeks? There was a lot going on and it was borderline overwhelming. Honestly, this holiday season inspired me to unsubscribe from a lot of business emails. I’m cleaning out hundreds every day and that is just in my day-to-day email. My email address that I generally use to sign up for things (my “junk” one) has of 10,000 unread emails and I cringe at the thought of going through and cleaning that out. I guess that will be part of my blog working order/organization deal that I am planning.

Also part of that is growing my audience and since Pinterest is one of my biggest traffic generators I am focusing a chunk of my time on that. I recently found Tailwind which is making it easier. I also set up a Tailwind Tribe to get some like-minded people together to share each other’s posts which will extend our audiences to people that generally wouldn’t see our stuff. The gist behind them is simple, you share your post within the tribe page and then share one or more of someone else’s in the tribe queue. It’s a give and take thing and will only work if you give more that you take. Right now I am trying to get the ball rolling with it, but I am having some issues with a few people who are just sharing their own and no one else’s which defeats the purpose. So if you are looking to grow your Pinterest or blog and want to join a tailwind tribe you can join mine with this invite (it’s usually a request to join, but the invite should take you right in). Join if you are interested and I look forward to seeing you there.

P.S. Don’t forget to read the rules, they are pretty straightforward 😉

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  1. I’m really digging your styling twists with this past week’s outfits. I wish I could say the same for mine. It was a pretty pedestrian wardrobe week for me. Instead, it was the home that was/is more decked out (https://www.pinterest.com/aesthetix/my-french-industrial-lodge/).

    I want to thank you for your frank observations about costs and personal effort required for blog/website design and management, et al. With one exception, I’ve always relied on templates and my own skills. First, it’s exponentially more affordable. Second, I have more control and can make changes far faster.

    Few people seem to discuss the realities of the costs and time it takes with these projects, which I find frustrating. This coming year I need to find a way to generate extra income, but it takes money to make it so I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a website or blog together to help things along. Thank you for sharing Pipdig. I’ll be checking out later today.

    On a Pinterest note, what do you think of the most recent changes? I personally feel its management is systematically destroying the community aspect of the site. For one thing, now you really have to work to see who pinned what in your home feed. It makes it near impossible to communicate with people that I once had regularly conversations with. That means, for me, that Polyvore is the last bastion for a real and positive interaction with other members.

    Well, here’s to success with our respective web projects, while enjoy the best of the holidays.

    Cheers, Ardith

  2. Your home looks amazing. There is something so perfect about a home after it has been decorated for the holidays. I wish we could leave them up year round to keep embracing that happiness and warmth. I have been known to keep the decor up longer than what is “acceptable” because we love it so much (well, Tom doesn’t).

    I think that I should peruse some online tutorials to up my skill with the web design. Your right, it does give you more control and honestly I am generally a quick learner and probably would benefit a lot from it. It really is expensive to run a blog though (or can be). I think a lot of people don’t tend to discuss the costs because a lot of women out there that have blogs are already financially well off and start them out of boredom. I mean, honestly who right off the bat hires web designers, account managers, assistants, and wears designer clothing? It feels like competing in a race against people that get to start at the halfway point.

    I agree with you on the Pinterest front. I feel like it has gone down the exact same path that both Instagram and Facebook have, and that is taken away the things about them that you loved. The personality and charm of them are sucked out and replaced it with a business model where the rich get bigger, more successful, or more visibility and the small stay small. I don’t know the last time when I saw something in my feed from someone that I follow.

    Happy holidays to the both of you. I hope that you and the mr. have a fantastic one. I officially finished my Christmas shopping last night so I get to kick back and enjoy now.


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