What I Wore This Week

Cropped jeans, leather jacket, sock boots, and beanie

Tie waist sweatshirt, oversized coat, girlfriend jeans, and loafers

Mother daughter elevator selfie

oversized cardigan, leather jacket, black ankle jeans, boots

check wrap skirt, striped shirt, leather jacket, and Adidas

Outfit 1 – Leather Jacket | Black Sweater | Cropped Jeans | Sock Boots | Beanie | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Tie-waist Sweatshirt | Oversized Coat | Jeans | Loafers | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Grey Beanie | Yellow Beanie | Camel Coat | Merle’s coat |
Outfit 4 – Oversized Cardigan (old) similar | Camisole | Black Pants | Sock Boots | Leather Jacket | Purse |
Outfit 5 – Leather Jacket | Striped Shirt | Skirt | Purse | Adidas |


I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants this holiday season so bear with me. The blog may seem all out of whack this week with me trying to get out as many of the holiday posts that I have, so regular posts may be on different days or skipped entirely this week so you aren’t bombarded with 75 posts in 5 days :/ I actually wish that I had 75 posts sitting there ready but as usual I have all kinds of ideas and will probably finish them all 5 minutes before posting. Way to add stress to yourself Sara. It’s impossible to quietly sit at my computer for any given time without constant interruptions because

  • we live in a 650 sq ft apartment so we are in each others face all day.
  • I homeschool the kids so I don’t have the regular school hours to get stuff done.
  • Merle can’t whisper for shit. I literally got her hearing checked at her last well check because she is so loud that I thought she may have hearing problems.
  • she is also a super momma’s girl and does not like me to be too far from her peripheral vision. She has her “desk” set up about two feet from where I sit right at the edge of my desk, so she sits beside me and crafts and chats while I “work”.
  • I swear they never sleep, so getting things down when they go to bed also doesn’t work well. I think I may have to start getting up at 5 because they definitely don’t like to get up once they are actually sleeping.

So I am getting this out on Sunday night in anticipation to getting something out for tomorrow too. It’s Tom’s birthday today, he’s the big 40 and none too happy about it. He sat around today moping and listening to his Kiss records we bought him and now we are eating a really good cake from Whole Foods. If you get a chance to try their Black Tie cake do it. It’s really good.

Ok, so although Black Friday is technically this Friday, everyone seems to be jumping on the “earlier the better” bandwagon and have released deals already. If you head over to many of your favourite retailers they are having early deals or Pre Black Friday countdowns so you may be able to find some good stuff before Friday and risk it selling out.

  • H&M has up to 60% off tops today. They also have 20% off $60 + free shipping with code 6793. Tomorrow will be a different deal but for the next 7.5 hours you can find some good shirts on sale.
  • Old Navy currently has a pre sale offering 40% off entire purchase with discount taken off a cash (it’s 50% off for card members). I think this deal ends tonight, but it’s a good one. This faux fur coat is $35! Or a velvet blazer for $25 and this colour is gorgeous.
  • Gap is having 45% off with the code GIFT where you can find a faux fur scarf, a cute striped sweater, and I really like this fur lined parka. It’s the perfect time to get a winter coat for you or the kids. I’m fairly certain this was the exact deal that I bought Merle’s winter coat from last year.

I hope the season’s stress isn’t getting to you and that you have a great week!

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