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I nearly cried yesterday because I had to take out my winter coat. I’m not ready for this 🙁 I tried my damnedest to avoid going because I didn’t want to freeze my ass off but at dinner I realized that I did not have any spaghetti noodles on the shelf, so I had to walk down to the store. This also brought to my attention that Roo never gave me back one of my leather gloves when she used it to pull a prickly weed out of her flower pot this summer, and she can’t remember where she put it. While I have one pair of heavy duty warm mitts from Uggs (my friend gave them to me a couple of years ago because they were too small) I am more partial to leather gloves, and it looks like I am in the market for a new pair. I love winter accessories in general because when your whole outfit is covered by a bulky winter coat you need to have some of your personality show somewhere. I kind of want a flashy bright colour pair of leather gloves vs the standard black ones. I pulled a bunch of winter accessories above for you to have a scroll through.

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  1. An antidote to the video on TV sexism – Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman in DC’s cinematic universe, has apparently threatened to leave the franchise if Brett Ratner’s production company is still attached to Wonder Woman 2. The movies would really suffer from her loss, but what a brave move! It’s so heartwarming how seriously she takes the character, it’s exactly what Wondy would do.

    • Yes! Definitely a brave move and so admirable. She did exactly what needed to be done that many are afraid to do and she did it without even skipping a beat. This is the type of role model girls need.

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