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Camel coat, cher t-shirt, distressed jeans, and Gucci Brixton dupe loafers

Camel Coat | Cher T-shirt | Distressed Jeans | Botkier Purse | Loafers |

So these are the Gucci Brixton loafer dupes that I bought above. I love them. They fit great and do not need to be broken in. I wore them straight out of the box (with a sockette on) and walked around for several hours doing errands and had zero issues. I thought for sure I would need a bandaid or two but they didn’t bother me at all. The leather is extremely soft which is probably why I had no issues, and they fit true to size. I have an average width (maybe slightly on the narrow side but I never get narrow width shoes), and I wear and 8 and ordered an 8 with a perfect fit.  I mentioned that I was having issues finding them in Canada and then I found them randomly on The Shopping Channel. Now with the easy pay, in three more equal payments they are fully mine 😉

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