What to Wear in Paris and Prague Outfit Options

What to Wear in Paris and Prague 18 Outfit Options

All of the pieces from this list are from & Other Stories:
Black Tank | Striped T-shirt | Graphic T-shirt | Silk Blouse | Black Oversized Sweater | Grey Pullover | Light Jacket | Blue Jeans | Black Jeans | White Dress | Black Shirt Dress | Skirt | Scarf | Hat | Sunglasses | Sandals | Black Flats | Slides | Black Purse | Brown Crossbody |


When I go to bed at night I always reflect on the day and 99% of the time I shake my head at how unproductive it was. Then I go to bed with the promise to myself that tomorrow I will do better. When I actually pay attention throughout the day to exactly why it is so unproductive I think about the meme that says “trying to accomplish something with children around is like having 152 things going through your head while someone is continuously hitting you with a stick.” That applies to so many things with kids and people who have more than two and still have it all together, I tip my hat to you. Twelve years in and this shit is still hard. So currently I have allowed my older daughter to have her PS4 back (taken away due to ridiculously messing room) and my youngest is quietly watching Charlotte’s web on the iPad so I can sit in silence and actually string two thoughts together on here. Annnnd she just asked for milk and cookies, like 45 seconds after typed that :/

This post is part two, to the What to Pack for Paris and Prague request I got on Instagram. Last post I mentioned how I tried something new and picked the entire list from the store & Other Stories. I found that I kept picking pieces from there so I made the decision the put together the entire list strictly from them. I pretty much want their whole inventory so it was easy. I also talked about how my choices reflected my personal wardrobe the most out of every packing post I have made (I think).

The trip is for 10 days so I put together 18 outfit options from the pieces in the list. A quick breakdown of what the list includes in case you missed last post or you found yourself here from Pinterest (or another social media site) is as follows:

So as you can see the pieces above can be worn is so many ways. I put together 18 outfits but the possibilities are much more with some creativity.

This weekend is Canada’s 150th birthday and there is so much going on. I’m not sure what we are doing yet, but I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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