What I Wore This Week


What I Wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore #livelovesara

What I Wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore #livelovesara

What I Wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore #livelovesara

What I Wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore #livelovesara

What I Wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Lace Top • Zara (similar here and here) | Jeans • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Adidas | Purse • vintage (similar) | Watch • Daniel Wellington |
Outfit 2 –  Kimono • Zara (similar here and here) | T-shirt • Hot Topic | Shorts • H&M | Shoes • Adidas |
Outfit 3 – Black Lace Top • Zara (similar) | Jeans • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Converse |
Outfit 4 – Pink Kimono • Zara (similar) | Jeans • Zara (I cut off the fringe) | Shoes • Adidas | Purse • Vintage (similar) |
Outfit 5 – Shirt Dress • Zara (similar) | Purse • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Etsy | Watch • Daniel Wellington |


Have I ever mentioned that I live by a really big mall? Like, a 5 minute walk from everything I could ever need. While on most days it is really convenient to be able to walk to get whatever I need within minutes, on other days it can be dangerous to my wallet. Zara is having a big sale right now and it took everything I had not to go down and check out what was there. I seriously put on my shoes and went to leave 4 times on Saturday but reigned it in each time. That is my version of self control 😉

I totally waited last minute to buy Tom’s Father’s Day gift this year. I’m usually much more prepared but I couldn’t decided what to get him. Merle and I were out shopping together and we were walking through the linen and bedding section of the store. She reminded me that he said that he wanted a new body pillow (his is super sad looking) so we decided a new body pillow and pillow case were a good start. Then last evening around 7:00 I told him that I had to run down to the store because I forgot to buy deodorant (I actually did) but in reality I also want to do a quick perusal and find him another gift to go with the pillow. The girls decided they were going to come with me and ride their bike and scooter, which ironically makes the trip take longer than it does when we walk.

After walking from one end of the mall to the other, we ended up in Urban Outfitters because they always have fun kitschy gift ideas. There was this neat cell phone magnifier in the form of an old fashioned television that I thought he would get a kick out of because he is always watching things on his phone, but I went with a record instead. They had the Beatles double album which is a fantastic album so I figured it would be good to add to his collection. As a final touch I had the girls go into the Urban Outfitters photo booth and take some fun photos for him to put in his card. Everything went well until the last photo when it managed to capture Roo in the middle of falling off her stool. I was going to make them do a retake, but then thought, “nah, that’s totally her so it’s perfect.” For breakfast I made him Eggs Benedict  (my favourite too. Everything tastes better with Hollandaise). All in all I’d say he had a good day.

#uophotobooth #livelovesara

I have a plus size UK packing list coming up this week, as well as I am working on an updated Starter Work Wardrobe/Capsule. 

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