What I Wore This Week

what I wore #ootd #wiw #livelovesara

what I wore #ootd #wiw #livelovesara

what I wore #ootd #wiw #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Sweater • Zara
Outfit 2 – Blouse • H&M (similar) | Jeans • Mango | Boots • Topshop |
Outfit 3 – (my burglar outfit) Jacket • Zara | Striped shirt • (similar and I have this one too) | Pants • Zara (similar) | Purse • Zara | Boots • Topshop | Beanie • old (similar) |
Outfit 4 – Blouse • Zara | Pants • H&M | Boots • Topshop | Purse (similar) |
* as you can see I have been getting a lot of use out of the Topshop boots. They were a really good purchase.

I should learn not to open my big mouth because after I said we probably weren’t going to get anymore snow, it snowed that night. Not much, but the temperature dropped to the coldest it’s been all season and we have a major snowstorm warning for the today :/ I really should know better by now. They don’t say “March, in like a lion out a like a lamb” for no reason. At least I’ll be able to wear my Sorels the I found second-hand. I think I have only worn them twice this winter.

It always seems like I am saying this, but Comicon is coming up this weekend. It alternates between Fanexpo in September and Comicon in March every year, but they always seem to be pretty much the same thing held in the same venue. As per her tradition Merle wants to be a Weeping Angel again. She was going to be Beetlejuice but then remembered that it gets hot in the venue and her weeping angel costume is sleeveless. Since her dress I made her was almost too short last time we had to go to Value Village to find a men’s t-shirt in a matching grey so I can sew on a strip around the bottom too lengthen it. Roo is probably just going to be a Ravenclaw student again. She wanted to switch to Hufflepuff (Fantastic Beasts changed her allegiance) but I couldn’t find a robe this close to Comicon. Hufflepuff isn’t as easy to find as Gryffindor so she was out of luck (that’s what she gets for waiting for the week before to tell me).

I’m glad this week pretty laid back until the weekend. We can chill at home and weather the storm, and catch up on some projects and schools work. I want to purge Merle’s closet and Roo’s converse. So.Many.Shoes. She’s like the Imelda Marcos of sneakers. Well, not even close but it sure as hell feels like it when I look in her closet. I want to try to bring Merle’s closet back down to a capsule-like wardrobe. She wears maybe 1/8 of what she has so I’m hoping to get rid of at least 60% of her things. Hopefully. I’m sure she’ll have something to say about it though. Wish me luck.

Any end of season winter storms where you are?

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