What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Mon Fashion Sketchbook by Atsuko Kikuchi (french edition, also comes in Japanese) you can see many of the drawings on her Instagram page under @oookickooo.
Outfit 2 – Cardigan • Zara (similar) | Jacket • Zara | Jeans • Zara (similar)Purse • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Converse | Scarf • H&M old (similar) | Merle: Jacket • Gap Kids (boys section) | Cat Ear Hat • Zara (similar) | Boots • Hunter |
Outfit 3 – Distressed Sweater • Zara (similar) | Jeans • H&M (similar) | Shoes • Converse |
Outfit 4 – Embroidered Sweatshirt • Zara | Jeans • Mango | Flats • Zara |
Outfit 5 – Sweater • H&M | Jeans • Mango | Jacket • Zara (similar) | Purse • Zara (similar) | Boots • DSW (similar) |

The top photo is of the book I was talking about a few weeks back. The drawings in it are amazing and really great outfit inspirations. You should check it out even if you can’t speak Japanese or French, the drawings speak for themselves.

We went on the weekend to fill Roo’s eye glasses prescription (there was a slight improvement so yay!) and while we were there Tom decided that he would get his eyes checked so he could get some glasses (neither him nor I have bought new glasses in years. We are long overdue) and the eye doctor noticed that he had a hole in his eye (sounds gross but it’s only something you can see with ophthalmologist tools and special lights). They said that it has been there for years and that it is probably from wearing his daily contacts for more than a day before tossing them, which is something I have warned him about a million times but that is another story. She said to give contacts a break for a few months and she will see if it heals when he comes back. As soon as I heard that I thought Fuck. He’s going to milk that for as long as he can.

This is what my future is going to look like:

Me: “Hey Tom can you….”
Tom: “I can’t do that because I have a hole in my eye.”

Me: “Your laundry didn’t quite make it into the bin.”
Tom: “That’s because I have a hole in my eye.”

I’d ask you to pray for me but I’m not religious.

I had one of those moments at the mall last week wear you see something that you want to buys so badly but know you don’t need it. So you muster up the willpower to walk out the store and decide that if you still want it that much in a few days you would consider buying it. I have been really, really good with my clothing purchases lately. I’m proud of how pared down my wardrobe is (it’s like 1/4 of what it was 3 years ago) and have been very stringent in keeping it at certain number of items but I have loosened those reigns somewhat. I gave myself permission to shop a little as long as I make conscious purchases vs impulsive. If I  find myself impulsively shopping again I will tighten those reigns again. It’s kind of like a diet, if you try to remain to a too strict regime you will end up resenting it and probably rebelling. I ended up buying the shirt (Floral embroidered top above) and actually dreamt about the shirt that night (lame, I know) so I figured I made a good choice.

If anyone remembers my struggles I was having finding a secular science curriculum for Roo (we homeschool). We have found success with Ellen McHenry’s stuff. We just wrapped up The Elements and are moving on to The Brain next week which I am sure Merle will also enjoy because she loves learning about the human body and tagging along for studies. So if anyone is looking for a great, fun, and in-depth science program that is secular this one scores high for us. Note that I buy most of my curriculum in PDF form because I like the fact that I can load them on my iPad and print them as many times as I want so I can’t comment on shipping.

 My Ancestry DNA just switched to “processing” today which is exciting. I have no idea how long that step takes, but the results comes next.  

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