Back to Basics Starter Work Capsule Outfit Options

Back to Basics Starter Work Capsule for under $250 Outfit Options #capsule #workwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #staples #basics #livelovesara

Striped Sweater • Gap | Black Sweater • Mango | Green Sweater • Mango | White Blouse • H&M |
Black Blouse • Mango | Pencil Skirt • Stefanel | Dress Pants • Uniqlo | Blazer • Mango Outlet |
Trench • H&MLeopard Flats • Sole Society | Heels • Michael Kors | Boots • Sole Society |
Black Purse • Sole Society | Blue Purse • Guess

I probably should have included these outfits with the original post of The Back to Basics Work Capsule for Under $250 but I honestly had not finished them when I posted it, so you may want to look back at the original to get the background of this. In that post I discussed taking your wardrobe down to its bones so you can see how many items that you already own could be brought forth and used in your work wardrobe. After you finish that I showed you a small little collection of items that when added to pieces that you already own can give you a very versatile and well-rounded work wardrobe.

I put together 12 outfits from that small collection which will turn in to an innumerable amount of options once you integrate your other pieces. If I added those to what I currently have in my wardrobe that could be brought forth I could easily put together 2 months worth of work outfits without repeating a day sand I don’t have a lot of “workish” pieces. That is a lot of options for only spending an extra $250. Now, to a lot of people $250 may seem like a huge expense which is why I am a huge advocate for finding things in thrift/second-hand stores, Ebay, and thredup. This will give you the same options for a fraction of the price, and really, who doesn’t like to save money?

I really wish that I had a setup here in the apartment that would allow me to photograph me wearing some of these outfits vs the collages to give you a better visual of how they look once you add accessories. Kind of like a store mannequin. But I don’t have a DSLR camera, ample lighting, or a proper white background so the collages will have to do for the time being. I know they can be a bit impersonal and it is something that I am looking to change so I can to give alternate visuals.

I hope that these two last posts allow you to see that you do not have to spend a lot of money to freshen up your work wardrobe, you just need a little ingenuity.

Have a great weekend guys!

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