What to Wear in Washington DC Outfit Options


What to Wear in Washington DC Outfit Options 1-10 #packinglight #travelwardrobe #travellight #travel #traveltips

Outfit 1 – Grey Sweater | Casual Denim | Sunglasses | Tote | Slip-ons
Outfit 2 – Striped Shirt | Black Pants | Leopard Crossbody | Boots
Outfit 3 – Green Tank | Blazer | Denim | Tote | Flats
Outfit 4 – Wrap Sweater | Skirt | Leopard Crossbody | Boots
Outfit 5 – Black Blouse | Casual Denim | Scarf | Flats
Outfit 6 – Black Sweater | Black Pants | Hat | Leopard Crossbody | Slip-ons
Outfit 7 – White Blouse | Denim | Blazer | Tote | Boots
Outfit 8 – Striped Shirt | Skirt | Sunglasses | Leopard Crossbody | Slip-ons
Outfit 9 – Green Tank | Casual Denim | Wrap Sweater | Tote | Flats |
Outfit 10 – Black Blouse | Black Pants | Coat | Leopard Crossbody | Boots

I would say Happy Friday but for those that have to work and have unpleasant stuff to do it isn’t so happy, so I will say the week flew by and I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. I’m actually disappointed that it is almost over 🙁

This post is the outfit options segment of the What to Pack for 10 Days in Washington DC from Wednesday. The request is for a mom who is chaperoning her sons trip to Washington D.C. in early April. I put together 20 outfit ideas to using the pieces from that list to cover a variety of outings. The requested list is for April which is an unpredictable month weather-wise so a coat of some sort should be brought. I included several sweaters for layering and a blazer as a light jacket/dressy options. A blazer is an easy way to instantly make your outfit look more put together so I suggest you get one for your wardrobe if you don’t already have one. They are very versatile.

For the colour palette I stuck with the basic neutrals and then added the jewel tones of a dark green and plum. Because the palette is neutral it is easy to match a more colourful and rich shade of a coat, which is a good way to add some fun to your outfits. For shoes I stuck with a basic flat, casual slip-ons, and a pair of leather boots which should take you through any outing or scenario. I hope this list gives you some good ideas.

Have good weekend (if you can) 🙂  

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What to Wear in Washington DC Outfit Options 11-20 #packinglight #travelwardrobe #travellight #travel #traveltips

Outfit 11 – Wrap Sweater | Casual Denim | Sunglasses | Tote | Boots
Outfit 12 – Grey Sweater | Black Pants | Scarf | Leopard Crossbody | Slip-ons
Outfit 13 – Black Sweater | Denim | Sunglasses | Scarf | Tote | Slip-ons
Outfit 14 – Black Blouse | Skirt | Coat | Leopard Crossbody | Boots
Outfit 15 – Striped Shirt | Casual Denim | Hat | Leopard Crossbody | Flats
Outfit 16 – Wrap Sweater | Black Pants | Tote | Boots
Outfit 17 – Black Blouse | Denim | Blazer | Leopard Crossbody | Slip-ons
Outfit 18 – Grey Sweater | Skirt | Tote | Slip-ons
Outfit 19 – White Blouse | Wrap Sweater | Casual Denim | Leopard Crossbody | Flats
Outfit 10 – Black Sweater | Black Pants | Blazer | Sunglasses | Tote | Boots



  1. Thanks Sara for the outfit choices, ready to buy it all. You are going to make me look super chic in Washington DC.
    I am looking forward to the trip and now with your pieces, I am now complete. Thanks for answering my email, it is greatly appreciated.
    I started reading and thought this is ME, you helped me out, so much, more than you know.
    Keep your outfits and choices coming. Just love seeing all your outfits from all over the world.

    • I try to respond to every email but sometimes I think I have but haven’t. I need to get better organized. I do write down every request I get in my notebook though and I try to get to them all. I’m glad these ideas help you out.


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