What to Pack for Boston and San Francisco

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T-shirt • Mango | Blue Blouse • H&M | Striped Shirt • Joe Fresh | Tunic • H&M |
Classic Blouse • TopShop | Oversized Sweater • H&M | Turtleneck • H&M |
Moto Jacket • H&M | Dress • Zara | Skirt • H&M | Denim • H&M | Black Pants • H&M |
Trench • H&M | Scarf • Nordstrom | Hat • Madewell | Sunglasses • Eloquii |
Booties • Nordstrom Rack | Flats • Aldo | Tote • Dune | Crossbody • Asos
I’m quite late with posting this post because I although I am not American, I like most of the world stayed up to watch the election and I spent today catching up on what I slacked on yesterday. It’s probably obvious that I am on the extreme left of liberal so without turning this in to a political post it’s fair to say I am very disappointed and a little scared at the outcome.

Now on to the post. I got a message from an Australian that is coming to run the Boston Marathon this April (Kudos to you because I could never do it in a million years). The trip will also be extended to San Francisco so we have a mixed list today. It’s really hard to predict weather in April. It’s that season that can have both a hot spell and snow within a 24 hour period so pay attention the weather stations up until the day you are leaving for your trip so you can adjust what you need to bring if needed. You might have to swap out for a heavier coat, or different footwear.

Take this list as a generic suggestions not written in stone. I based it on the weather averages for both cities in April which ranges from 11°C – 16°c with a drop at night, so a few sweaters and a mid-lightweight jacket will be sufficient. I included a moto and a trench because a) a trench is good for rain and b) I usually like to include a blazer with but I figure it may be too cold for that as a light jacket and a moto would work better in its place. Use your discretion.

The trip is for 3 weeks but the general rule is when going on vacation for 1 week, pack for 1 week, going for two weeks, pack for two weeks, for a three week trip pack for 1 week because you will probably have access to laundry at some point during that time. I usually stick to a 10 days because it is the average number of days for a long distance vacation.

The look I was asked for is an Audrey Hepburn classic look with some Euro, and the colour palette is fairly dark leaning towards navy blue and black. I added a little colour with the purse, but it can easily be added with colourful/printed scarves, shoes, and/or accessories if that is what you are looking for.

Outfit options are in this post.

Good luck in the marathon!

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  1. Hey, that’s my request! Thankyou so much! You totally hit the mark, it’s totally me style-wise. I actually have really similar pieces to a lot of those included! Thankyou again, you have really helped me out.

    • Ah! I’m glad you saw this. I tried to reply to your message but it kept bouncing back and I didn’t want you to think that I was ignoring you 😉 I’ll be posting the outfit combinations tonight around 8 EST. I’m glad that I hit the mark, it’s hard to not have personal preferences bias the choices. Good luck with the race!


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