What’s Really in my Bag – Mom Edition

What's in my bag


I have meant to do this for a while so I figured I’d might as well dump everything our quickly and get a quick shot. I always see the What’s in My Bag Posts and think, “that’s not in my bag, not even close.” So I thought I would take whatever purse currently has all my stuff in it, and dump it out on my bed so you can see what really, and truly is in my bag. Anyone that is a mom also knows the random shit that you end up carrying because of your kids and this reflects that as well. I should totally do this when I use my large purse, that thing holds everything plus the kitchen sink. I can just imagine what it would hold after a week or so. I also have the tendency to not clean them out very often so I find I probably carry a lot of shit around that I don’t need. This is all from the past weekend.

Here is what is in my bag as noted in the above picture:

  • My sunglasses
  • Merle’s sunglasses (yellow)
  • Scent card from Bath & Body Works
  • Two packs of gum (because the mint is “too spicy” according to Merle)
  • Chestnuts from a walk
  • Crumpled Kleenex
  • Pink cat ear headband
  • Old lottery ticket
  • Rubber Angry Bird (blue thing)
  • Compact
  • Lipstick
  • Wallet
  • Loose change
  • Hair pin and elastic
  • McDonald’s coffee card
  • Archie comic
  • Starbucks gift card with barely a balance
  • A handful of raw sugar packets from Starbucks (apparently I don’t need to grab some the next time I am at Starbucks)

What is the most random think in your purse right now?

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